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Nothing linked from this entry is meant to reflect true events in any way. None of it actually happened, I don't know any of the people these characters are based on, and no harm or disrespect is intended. Fiction, y'all!


Whiskers On Kittens
1,148 words. Jon/Spencer. PG.

"So," Ryan says, "tell me again why we're looking at cats now?"

It's Where It Lives
3,264 words. Spencer/Vicky T. NC-17.

"This totally isn't the kitchen," she says, only stopping when the tips of her shoes brush his. Another smile. She has a smudge of glitter high on her cheekbone, and an empty plastic cup dangling from her hand. "Spencer, right?"


But You Could (Follow Me)
8,495 words. Jon/Spencer. NC-17.

"I think his name is Jon," Brent says as the door slams shut behind them and Spencer sucks the first clean breath in hours down his scratchy throat. "He's a tech or something."

Last Christmas. A Seasonal Drama In 24 Parts.
Part 1 ~ Part 2
AU. 14,649 words. Jon/Spencer (Ryan/Brendon, Frank/Gerard, Travis/Vicky T, assorted other players). PG-13.

Spencer opens and closes his mouth several times before he says, "This place looks like Santa's workshop threw up all over it." And maybe he looks a little bit stricken, because Jon starts to extricate himself from the pile (it's kind of a multi-step process) and hops across discarded decorations to pull Spencer into a hug.

Our Comedies Are Not To Be Laughed At with [ profile] adellyna
Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4
AU. 30,451 words. Bob/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey, Pete/Patrick, Greta/Jon, William/Travis, Ryan/Keltie, Jon/Tom (implied). NC-17.

Frank and Gerard want to do a horror movie, but they have to pitch the idea to Pete, whose genre of choice typically involves romantic comedies. Sometimes about mimes. Once he did a ten minute love story with just chickens - free range chickens - called "Under Your Wing."


The characters and storylines from the BBC version belong to - you guessed it - the BBC. I am making zero money from this, and no copyright infringement is intended. SMOKED PIGEON SANDWICHES FOR ALL!


gone were but the winter
7,740 words. Arthur/Merlin. PG-13.

It starts in spring, on the heels of a late frost, when the air turns sweet with sunlight and warmth. The trees around the castle seem to grow green overnight and Merlin is accompanied by birdsong on his morning walks to Arthur's room. It's a welcome relief after weeks of stubborn cold, so Merlin can't for the life of him understand why the entirety of Camelot seems to sink into a deep depression.


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