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So, last night [ profile] captnobvious IM'd me and was like OH BANDOM BIG BANG, ARE YOU CAUSING DRAMA AGAIN? and I was like, /o\.

But seriously, has it been an eventful week or what! I do so enjoy it it when folks across fandoms are able to connect with their inner assholes on a truly spectacular scale. In case you're one of the lucky, like, three people who have so far avoided Warning Wank '09: there's a very comprehensive, informative, and frankly disturbing write-up right here. ... you probably shouldn't immerse yourself too deeply in it if you don't enjoy the feeling of flames on the side of your face, though. There are also these posts by [ profile] iamtheenemy and [ profile] lcsbanana for all your "..."-ing needs.

I guess I wrongly assumed this was a bandom thing at first. I mean, it started this way (and I would just like to state for the record, through no fault of [ profile] arsenicjade's, who responded promptly, politely, and responsibly to the original issue) but then it spun out really, really fast, so... now we are where we are, I guess.

I don't make these kinds of pronouncements very often, but I've spent so much of the last few days torn between disbelief and disappointment that I kinda want to, for - posterity, or so you know where I'm at, or whatever. So, for the record, have a couple things I believe in as it relates to fandom participation and fic-writing and -reading:

1) We are not operating in a vacuum here. Whether I personally agree with it or not, fandom convention is to warn for the most commonly triggery things. If I do not post warnings with my fic, people are going to assume that it does not contain rape or dub-con, character death or self-harm, because the community standard is to warn for these things when they happen, or at the very least say, "I don't warn for anything, read at your own risk." It doesn't matter if I think that's stupid, it doesn't matter if I'm huffy because hey, nobody ever asked me if I was on board with that, because this is the community standard, and that's how those work.

2) I can post warnings behind a cut, I can post warnings in white font to be highlighted, I can post warnings in a separate post, or all three if I want. I can warn for suicide or BDSM or questionable fashion choices in any number of ways that don't carry the least bit of risk of spoiling people who don't have any triggers (or squicks) and don't care about warnings, and even less effort for myself.

3) I really feel like this should go without saying, and plenty of other people have already expressed it much more eloquently than I ever could, but here goes, anyway: squicks are not the same as triggers. I have accidentally read fic that contained character death before. I had a bit of a cry and then I went and looked at pictures of kittens and moved on with my life. People with honest-to-God triggers don't have that option. It's not about being uncomfortable or even being disturbed, it's about panic attacks and flashbacks, and frankly, you guys, my artistic integrity (or "artistic integrity", I mean, let's not forget I mainly deal in oblivious boys and ugly Christmas sweaters, here) just isn't as important, and if you feel different about yourself and yours, then I reserve the right to think you're a bad person.

[ profile] wurwilf made the excellent point that maybe some people get defensive about these things because they feel attacked when someone comments to tell them they're triggered or squicked by something in their fic. For the record, I am squicked by a great many things, but that doesn't mean I think people shouldn't write them! Rock on with your Bert McCracken/Ryan Ross dub-con watersports fic, dudes, just please put some warnings or something in the header so I know to skip that one and don't end up desperately scrolling through Cute Overload for the rest of the night, okay?

And, just to close this out on a good note, the last week hasn't all been bad, because for every person I saw being horrid, there were three or four or five who stood up and said, What the fuck, this is not okay, and my flist has been a solid wall of OH HECK NO. ♥ you guys.
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