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Why isn't EVERYONE EVER watching The Vampire Diaries? IT IS SO GOOD. ♥_______♥

Thoughts in rough chronological order:

  • Okay, yeah, two young women gruesomely murdered and one semi-recurring female character fridged = I am not a fan. HOWEVER, however, I love that Dead Girl #1 was like, "Hell no, creepy dude who just appeared out of nowhere, you're not coming inside to make that phone call." She's from Florida! Hee. And the rest of our female cast remains as kickass as ever, so for that reason alone I will forgive this show many sins.

  • Relatedly, thumbs up for Andie telling Damon he could get the damn champagne himself, and for copping a good look at his, er, bath bubbles on the way out. Sigh. I liked Andie. Please tell me Stefan fed her blood before she died? And she somehow comes back as a vampire? (I didn't get the impression that's where they're going with it, but it would be awesome.)

  • "Just because I tell you things doesn't mean you're allowed to know them!!" ♥Caroline♥

  • I am still not sure how I feel about her and Tyler, beyond holy shit, that was hot. I kept expecting them to fade to black and they kept not doing it! (Not that I'm complaining.) I don't think I'm really over Caroline and Matt yet - which is remarkable, since I was lukewarm on their relationship at best when that started - so, clearly, polyamory is the answer!

  • Matt. :( Everything about Matt's life right now makes me sadface. :( "I think I see her all the time, too. Just 'cause I miss her so much, you know, like, I wanna see her, so I do." I mean, damn, show, stab me in the heart, why don't you.

  • ELENA. OH, ELENA. Her FACE when Damon told her that her Stefan wouldn't be back, at least not in her lifetime. :( :( :(

  • ALARIC SALTZMAN, YOU COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! Yes, you are a terrible chaperone, and yes, objectively seen your skills as a role model are not much better, but you are the ONLY role model these kids have left, and THEY NEED YOU! I mean, Elena lost her first set of parents AND her second set of parents within, like, two years, and now Jenna is gone TOO, and her boyfriend is off on a killing spree with the dude who tried to sacrifice her and may or may not be coming back, AND HER TURNING EIGHTEEN ON THIS DAY DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS NOW MAGICALLY EQUIPPED TO HANDLE IT ON HER OWN!

  • I am not even going to front, that phone call made me tear up. LIKE A TOTAL SAP. Just. Stefan's face. And Elena's little voice, and the way it broke when she told him she loved him. UGH.


In news that have nothing to do with vampires or heartbreak at ALL, I have new boots, raising my total of winter-appropriate pairs of shoes to two (2)! They are awesome and magnificent, and I kinda love them. Also, they make me want to buy and wear ALL THE TIGHTS. ♥tights♥
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