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Mom and I have gotten started on de-cluttering the attic, as a sort of on-going birthday present to her. So far we've sorted through most of the mess of wrapping paper, recycled bows and ribbons and I'm slowly working my way through a stack of old teaching materials to see what I want to keep for myself. (Major advantage to entering your parents' profession: tons of free stuff! \o/) Last night we unearthed a big pampers box full of my old shoes, from toddler to kindergarten. Sorting through them very nearly reduced my mom to tears, presumably because of happy memories, and not because of distress over how I've turned out. (I hope.)

Also, shit, I forgot how awesome/terrible September is. SO MUCH TV! In lieu of actually learning how to operate Twitter, let me put my reactions to some of the new shows in 140 characters (or totally not) right here:

A Gifted Man Patrick Wilson is pretty! I could predict everything about the medical A-plot before it happened, but maybe that's just a consequence of too many doctor shows. I'm really curious to see how the subsequent episodes go.

Charlie's Angels Oh, dear lord. The dialogue was painful ("I never knew my heart could hurt so much!" being my personal favorite), the acting was okay, but, I'm sorry, LYLA GARRITY IS NOT A STREET-WISE CAR THIEF. And it wasn't even entertaining! I so wanted to like this show, but, no. Sigh.

The Secret Circle I'm intrigued by Nick and Melissa. ... and that's about it for now. I like the cast, generally speaking, though I can't really tell if Faye is supposed to be a total psychotic bitch or a poor little middle-class girl, or both? It doesn't help that I'm getting basically zero chemistry from Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson, especially with this show coming right after Vampire Diaries where everyone seems to have it in spades. I think I'll still keep watching, though, keeping in mind that sometimes shows take a little while to get going.

Ringer ... which goes double for this one. PLEASE, Ringer, get your act together. I want to love you! But you're going to have to ease up on the Very Serious.

The Playboy Club No.
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