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Hokay. After a prolonged period of total bug-eyed freak-out last night over the new and not-so improved Delicious (they broke Delicious. I seriously cannot even) I think I have more or less reached a state of acceptance. I also bit the bullet and shelled out the one-time fee for Pinboard. I think it was $10.41 when I did it earlier? Something like that. So, do-able even on my budget, but the price will increase the more people sign up for it. My bookmarks imported correctly and comprehensively, I THINK; they're totally out of order, of course, but, you know. One thing at a time.

I was never a big user of the network function on Old Delicious, so I can't speak to how other services compare, but from what I can tell, the only thing that Old Delicious could do that no replacement service so far offers is the tag bundle function. However, I like that Pinboard is actively reaching out to fandom, which hopefully will mean no fuckery of the kind that Diigo is up to, like automatically making people's links private if they contain "bad words" like (brace yourselves) sex, sexy, or porn. Yeeeeah. That sounds super useful for fandom! KINK MEME MODS, ARE YOU LISTENING? People have already approached the Pinboard owner about tag bundles and he is looking at possible ways to implement them; if you want to weigh in with suggestions/comments for tag bundles or anything else, this is a Google Doc specifically set up for that purpose! I just added my two cents, and it's kind of amazing. GROUP HUG, FANDOM! We can get through this together! ♥

ETA There are a lot of useful links here as well, including a public migration spreadsheet and something that helps you find your old Delicious network.
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