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[ profile] maleyka: jen
[ profile] maleyka:
[ profile] airgiodslv: Yes!
[ profile] maleyka: i can't even
[ profile] maleyka: *wavy hands*
[ profile] airgiodslv: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ profile] airgiodslv: AHAHAHAHAHA
[ profile] airgiodslv: IT'S LIKE YOUR KRYPTONITE.
[ profile] maleyka: IT IS OH GOD
[ profile] maleyka: I AM SO POWERLESS
[ profile] airgiodslv: He now has a TINY BABY in his giant hands!

Hi, I'm Bettina, and while Merlin is on vacation, I tripped and fell face-first into American Idol.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] offtheceiling! May the next year bring you nothing but all the good things you deserve, darling. ♥
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Have a piece of distressingly porn-free, utter self-indulgence. For [ profile] tabbyola, who made me the happiest girl in the world by loving Merlin, and with many thanks to [ profile] adellyna for the beta, hand-holding, and being generally outstanding. ♥ (Title and cut tag from Spring Quiet by Christina Rossetti.)

gone were but the winter
7,740 words. Arthur/Merlin. PG-13. Mild spoilers for episodes 1x07 and 1x13. Everything you recognize belongs to the BBC.

come were but the spring )
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ITEM THE FIRST: Don't forget, lovelies, [ profile] bandombigbang drafts are due today! See this post for details! ♥

ITEM THE SECOND: Well. I threatened promised this would happen, didn't I.

An Introductory Post and Picspam
(you guys, seriously, it has a talking dragon)

You can't address me like that! )
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Spring has sprung! There are blossoms popping up everywhere, and the weather has been basically delightful for the past few days. Why can't it be 20°C and sunny and breezy FOREVER? UGH. (There's a couple of jaybirds perched in the trees across the way. For now I can still see the lake through the branches, but in a couple of weeks they'll be so green and full it'll be hidden. The blackthorn bushes along the stream have exploded into white flowers pretty much overnight. I'm not gonna lie, this desk in spring has a nicer view than most.)

Also, in the interest of Being Good to Myself, I went to Lush no less than three times in the last two weeks and spent more money on cosmetics than I think I ever did in my life up to this point, but, you guys, I smell so good, seriously. Like caramel and peppermint and a little bit like porridge and sometimes like white chocolate. Are there any Lushies on the flist? Can you guys offer some OPINIONS on facial cleansers/moisturizers/shampoo? I've been a little hesitant with that stuff, because I am rather fond of my regular store-bought products (except for Herbal Essences, who changed the formula of my shampoo, the bastards, and now what used to smell like jasmine and rosemary smells like fake pineapple, and I am EMPHATICALLY NOT A FAN), but I've been thinking about giving them a try.
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Good morning, flist! This is the view from my window today: cut to avoid mucking up people's layouts. )

ISN'T IT PRETTY? Ugh, spring. ♥

I should also talk about what has pretty much been eating my fannish brain since last November, which would be Merlin, and this new thing that I really liked, which would be Kings (which is kind of like Merlin, prattish prince included, but without the talking dragon and with a budget bigger than ten bucks), so that may come later. For now, let me *chinhands* at my window some more and ponder going into town later, because man, it'd be stupid to miss this weather.
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Yesterday I was about to walk into H&M when I got distracted by a BAYBEH nearby, and then I stepped onto the metal grate they have sunk into the street in front of their doors, and the corner of it sunk right down into the puddle of water that had been collecting underneath. In case you were wondering, puddle + ballerina flats + wet tights = EW EW EW.

So, yes. That happened. Other exciting news from my life include three days of Latin lessons so far (yay!), one mini freezer formerly housed in the parentals' basement now in our front room (YAY!) and Pokerface stuck on endless loop in my head (... yay?).

Hey, my lovelies. I have missed you. ♥
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[ profile] airgiodslv: My mother is telling me all about Orlando Bloom's new exclusive line of mineral products for men!
Me: ...
[ profile] airgiodslv: Skin cream, lip balm, for protection and healthy-looking skin, in a stylish carrying case!
Me: ...
Me: seriously?
[ profile] airgiodslv: It's called "His Excellency!"
Me: .................................
[ profile] airgiodslv: I cannot stop laughing.
Me: it is not
Me: you're making that up
[ profile] airgiodslv: Johnny Depp wears it too!!!
[ profile] airgiodslv: THE INTERNET TELLS ME IT IS TRUE! *G*
[ profile] airgiodslv: There is a bronzer and applicator brush, also! Five bronzing shades so you can choose your own shade and match it perfectly to your skin! And then use the specially designed brush with the handle made just for men's hands to apply it! And a special, uh, glove thing?
[ profile] airgiodslv: It all packs neatly into a kit so that His Excellency can take it with him and be confident that he looks good everywhere he goes!
Me: NO
[ profile] airgiodslv: OH ORLANDO.
[ profile] airgiodslv:
[ profile] airgiodslv: Oh god, they GO UNDETECTED in their mineral makeup!
Me: H\E products are ideal for men searching for maximum protection from the sun along with overall coverage without detection
[ profile] airgiodslv: CANNOT HANDLE!
[ profile] airgiodslv: YES!!!
[ profile] airgiodslv: Both times!
[ profile] airgiodslv: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
[ profile] airgiodslv: OH MY GOD BETTINA WHAT IS THIS EVEN.
[ profile] airgiodslv: *HANDS*
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Okay, so, it's... 10.25 on the East Coast, Pollster has Obama leading by 7.6% nationwide, and I fully expect to be freaking out about three times between now and when the first results come rolling in.

All of you who are voting today, ♥! Remember to take some water! And snacks! Don't give up when you're stuck in line! We're all thinking of you, even the ones who can't actually cast a vote in the election.

In conclusion:

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HAPPY WEEKEND, FLIST! It may, in fact, surprise you to learn that I am not dead!

Ahahaha, wow, it's been, like, a month since I updated. SORRY ABOUT THAT. I... don't really have an excuse. Mea culpa, etc.

(I still love you, though! Truly!)

Anyway. The new semester started on Monday - I don't have all my classes completely sorted out yet, but that's pretty much par for the course. I'm reasonably confident it will all have settled in after next week. And it's the winter semester, you guys! Winter semester always makes me happy, because it means the cold season is upon us! Oh, cold season, how I have missed you. *snuggles into scarf*

In other news, you may have heard, there's an ELECTION going on! Not in my country, but that doesn't stop me from being almost laughably overinvested. /o\ At this point I'm checking both Pollster and 538 like eleventy times a day. You guys, I don't think I'll make it until November 4th. UGH.
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GUESS WHO SURVIVED HER FIRST EIGHT DAYS OF TEACHING PRACTICE? I'LL GIVE YOU A HINT, IT'S ME. And it's been really good so far! My schedule's changed a bunch of times and getting up at 6.30 is kind of kicking my ass, I'm not gonna lie, but, yes. Worth it. The school is beautiful, and all the kids I've met have been lovely. \o/

In entirely unrelated news, I AM 22 NOW! (Ahahaha, birthday twins with Mikeyway.) The parentals came for the afternoon and we went shopping and had a lovely dinner, and male!roomie surprised me with birthday pie, and it was just a really wonderful day. I APPROVE OMG.

Oh! And! I wished for a digital camera of my very own, so now I am the proud owner of a... oh, who the hell knows. Some camera. It's purty! And takes pictures! I loff it. I do believe that I have never made y'all look at pictures of my dorm room before, so let me make up for that RIGHT NOW.

Only some of these have flash. And most of them suffer from a severe case of shakyhands. I AM AN AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER. )
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The text on the box recommended a little bit of cream in my Earl Grey. Flist, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'll have to try milk next time to get a fair comparison.

I am starting teaching practice on Monday! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SO EXCITED. Also nervous. Also excited. I'll be observing everything from a fifth grade English class to a 12th grade history course (Nazi Germany, I'm presuming. It's What We Cover in 12th grade history) under a bunch of different teachers, and eventually teaching, and, yes. Looking forward to and fearing it equally, just about. \o?

Female!roomie moved out! She's spending three months abroad in Ireland and didn't want the hassle of (illegally *cough*) subletting her room, so she's goooooooone, and male!roomie and I are curious to see who the administration is gonna send us to move in now. I would kind of like another double-X chromosome in the place, but since male!roomie is the sweetest thing, I can't exactly OBJECT to the idea of another guy. (BUT THEN HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO KEEP THEM APART ON LJ? NOBODY IS THINKING ABOUT MY NEEDS!) (Certainly not female!(ex)roomie, who took the toaster when she left. And three of our four cooking pots. And our two working frying pans. And, apparently, most of our silverware, unless male!roomie is hoarding forks in his closet for some unknown reason. I'm going back to Oldenburg by car tomorrow and taking a lot of stuff, but no toaster. Um. We're gonna have to figure something out for that. Until then, only wobbly bread.)
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I would just like to state, for the record, that [ profile] adellyna's Operator Voice is the cutest thing in the WORLD. ♥
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SO. This is the part where I apologize for the inevitable falling-off-the-face-of-the-earth thing once I'm on break. HI PEOPLE. I HAVE MISSED YOU. ♥

Anyway, there's so much bandom stuff to catch up on, sdsdfghsd. You see, I may have gotten SLIGHTLY BEHIND because I've spent the last... week? Yeah, just about, mainlining the first three seasons of Stargate Atlantis. LOOK. I was just stopping by the trusty Saturn store near the dorms and happened to browse through the DVD shelf, and they had the entire first season marked down to really cheap, and I thought to myself, Well, if much of the flist loves this show so much...

Uh, yeah. That's how it started. Anyway, I've been reading a little bit of fic along the way, too, but always careful to not, like, read ahead of how much I'd watched already, and so far I've managed to remain almost entirely unspoiled for anything, which basically boils down to me having just finished 3x17 ("Sunday") and being KIND OF SPLOTCHY AND SNOTTY from CRYING REALLY HARD, like, thanks, SGA. Thanks a lot. Spoiler! )

*blows nose*
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Ha ha ha, wow. I really thought I was gonna like Sweeney Todd a lot, but, um, I kind of didn't. I thought some of the visuals were really awesome? And that one song was really clever? And obviously the acting was awesome? But, Jesus, I'm pretty much depressed out of my skull now, and not even in a good way.


Anyway. Movie-watching shall continue! You guys, tell me what movies (new or otherwise) I should attempt to track down! What are your favorites?
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Sometimes I wonder if the way I come across in my journal is truly reflective of the kind of person I am. I think mostly it translates fine – I am cheerful! Sometimes I am cranky! But mostly cheerful! Perhaps annoyingly so! However, something you may or may NOT get from reading this here eljay is that I am deeply paranoid. For the most part this manifests itself in a hugely annoying case of hypochondria, or charming little habits like getting back out of bed every night and traipsing to the bathroom in the dark to make sure that I REALLY closed the little container I keep my contacts in. Oh yeah. I'm the girl who walks three floors down at 1 a.m. in her nightie and bathrobe (and meets some of her neighbors on the way, like, good job, self) just to convince herself that no notice along the lines of MOVE THIS DAMN CAR RIGHT NOW OR WE'LL TOW IT has been affixed to her windshield.

(They instituted a new policy a while back to cut back on unauthorized parking downstairs, requiring that every dorm-dweller get a little pass for their car to identify themselves as RIGHTFULLY BELONGING ON THAT LOT. Since I never usually have a car at uni, I of course forgot to get one. When I arrived Tuesday, I put a little note in the front window saying "I belong to 3/39!" but OBVIOUSLY IT DID NOT KEEP ME FROM FRETTING. UGH YOU GUYS IT'S HARD TO BE ME.)

ANYWAY. I am back home with the parentals as of last night, and nobody towed the car. A pigeon (or several) DID poop on it, though I suppose that's a trade-off I can live with.

AND OH OH OH YOU GUYS. I was lucky enough to have already found [ profile] zarah5 way back when she used to write in LotRips, and believe you me, it's a VERY GOOD THING she has found her way into bandom! She just posted her Ridiculous College AU Of Amazingness which is in 10 AWESOME PARTS and starts here and you should ALL GO READ IT RIGHT NOW, SERIOUSLY. IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING. Nnngh. *curls up with fic*
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Today on Jezebel they covered an article about young men (as in, in their early twenties) getting vasectomies, because they can't be bothered to wear a fucking condom but don't trust the women they're sleeping with to not "forget" their birth control and OMG ENTRAP THEM INTO FATHERHOOD. And, okay, as if it weren't bad enough that the author of the article refers to those "accidental" pregnancies as oopsings, one of the snipped asshats guys actually describes his sex-life post-vasectomy as eating junk food and knowing you're not going to get fat.

What a charmer, right. Why anyone would want to steal his sperm is beyond me.

But! That's completely not the best part of the article, oh no. The best part of the article is this quote, which is so mindboggling in its... mindbogglingness that I had to read it about three times to make sure I'd gotten it right:

But men opting to get vasectomies before the age of 40 aren't motivated only by an irrational fear of sneak pregnancies. They're also spurred by a philosophical argument: Why should women be in control of when - and if - they have children?

WHY? Why should women be in control of when and if they have children? Well, let me think, MAYBE BECAUSE WE'RE THE ONES ACTUALLY CARRYING AND DELIVERING THESE CHILDREN. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Good lord.
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Dear Adopted Country,

you make me laugh and you make me cry and you make me tear my hair out in frustration, and I love you anyway. You're home to friends and adopted family, and you were my home for eleven months and five days, and a little piece of my heart will always stay with you. I miss your ceiling fans and your television and your language; I miss your peanut butter and your street signs and your clearance sales; I miss that indefinable thing that makes you you. (I even kinda miss your ridonkulous electoral process.) Changes are coming, one way or the other. Today I think of you and every beautiful memory of you I have, and I hope for the best, because you actually do deserve it. Happy 232nd Birthday, America.

*crossing the shit over the Delaware*,
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I tried out a whole new thing today: starting work on an assignment more than one day before it's due! ...Two days before it's due. What. It's still progress. I'm sure I will be exceedingly grateful for that come tomorrow, though at this point, all of the productivity mostly just managed to reinforce how very very bad I am at Powerpoint. I guess this presentation will just have to do without fancy things like "my name at the bottom" and "working page numbers". Fuck that noise.

And would you like to know what kind of temperatures are forecast for tomorrow? Would you? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway: Feels Like 99°.

Just shoot me now, okay.

(It is possibly worth mentioning at this point that I live in Europe. Thus: without air conditioning in... well, pretty much anywhere but the supermarket, and hanging out in the frozen foods aisle for ten hours a day gets pretty tiresome after a while, I'd imagine. I know you're probably all going, but Bettina, there are places in the world EVEN HOTTER than that, to which I say, very true, but northern Germany is NOT supposed to be one of them. We are ill-equipped to deal with it, okay. Especially me. I am a pale and delicately-constitutioned flower.)


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