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The pull of muscles in my thighs is telling me I'm gonna be sore as hell tomorrow. There's also a blister on the side of my big toe and the soles of my feet are atrociously dirty, but it was so worth it for a gorgeous, warm, sunny afternoon of walking and messing around on the playground barefoot with the kidlet and his brother. Today was really good. There was no screaming or drama; the kidlet even allowed me to cuddle on the sofa after dinner (which is, like, WHOA) and proceeded to fall asleep in my lap like a puppy. N'aww.

I feel well-prepared for my oral exam on Friday and slightly less prepared for the SPN finale tomorrow. What do you mean, the first season is done? What?! Sigh.

I owe very many people comments, which I promise I will get to tomorrow. [ profile] trakkie, I haven't forgotten about providing inspiration. Tomorrow as well, sweetheart. ♥
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- The kidlet's developing some unfortunate diva-like tendencies. He didn't want to eat and didn't want to get changed for bed and threw a tantrum just in case I didn't catch that THE FIRST THREE TIMES HE SHRIEKED IT INTO MY EAR. He promptly exhausted himself being pissed at the world and fell asleep in my arms, which makes me think he just needed a nap (literally). Older brother was giving me attitude about finishing dinner as well, which he's never done before, and then he tried to get the sweets I wouldn't let him have by pitching his dad and me against each other. Neither of us are stupid, though, and he got the smackdown he so richly deserved. Good Lord. These kids are lucky they're generally well-behaved and therefore have some elbowroom for acting out, and that I have what my family calls a "constitution like a butcher's dog," because I came pretty close to choking a bitch tonight. I actually uttered the words, "Do not take that tone with me," and realized that I have, in fact, turned into my mother before even turning twenty.
- So the afternoon gravitated towards "pants", but the first part of the day was pretty awesome. The exam was even better than I'd hoped for, so I'm optimistic as far as that's concerned. Yay!
- Tomorrow's off OMG. There's two hours of studying for Bio I'm currently trying to motivate myself into doing tonight, the rest can wait until tomorrow. Then my LAST WRITTEN EXAM on Friday and then I will have ample time to collapse into a corner and think happy thoughts. Speaking of:
- You guys, I have started a petition and I've already got two signatures on it (one's mine, shh, don't tell). Wanna know what it's about? Well, it's called WRITE BETTINA PORN FOR THE MARY-SUE CHALLENGE (OR JUST IN GENERAL) FEATURING HERSELF AND JARED PADALECKI BUT REALLY SHE'S RIDICULOUSLY EASY AND CHEAP NOT THAT PICKY AND WILL SETTLE FOR ANY WINCHESTER (CHARACTER OR ACTOR) EXCEPT FOR PAPA. Why, yes, I have absolutely zero shame. Is anybody surprised? I'm counting on you, fangirls. If enough of you sign it the planets will align in a certain way and the universe will write me that fic. I am SURE of it.
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Good Lord.

I've been babysitting for this family for almost two years, and they're fabulous. But this was not only the worst afternoon I've had at their house yet, this was the worst afternoon I've had in ages, period. A sickly almost-3-year-old does not a good babysat (babysittee? babyseat?) make. Seriously. His mom and I both thought it would be fine but, oh boy. Cause here's the thing. If I know he's just crying for the sake of being cranky and petulant I can handle it. I just put him on the floor and wait for him to calm the fuck down, and I've got some pretty sturdy nerves. But if a child who may or may not be in pain pitches a deafening, hysterical crying fit that lasts for a solid hour? And his mother is somewhere she can't turn her cell phone on? Let me just say I've never been so glad to get the fuck out of there. And of course he was fine as soon as his mom walked in the door. Of course. *twitches*

Also, as I was driving back through the city center, a pheasant walked across the street in front of my car. A motherfucking pheasant.

I don't even know, you guys.
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I got up at 7 this morning (seven! On a Sunday!) to make 25 bucks on an extra babysitting shift. Because a certain DVD is coming out in a few weeks, and I need to justify to myself splurging on an overpriced boxset to own it NOWNOWNOW when the sensible thing to do would be waiting a couple of months for the price to drop to a reasonable amount. Oh, Winchester brothers, the things I do for you. I fed and dressed the kidlet, played for a while and then dropped him off at his grandparents' house for lunch (his grandma, by the way, used to be my nanny. All in the family). He once again proved his intelligence by demanding that the music be turned up louder in the car when "Clocks" came on. :D

Ah, Sunday. My least favorite part of the weekend, but what are you gonna do. I think the mere fact that I never have to take another test in Math ever again will be enough to keep me floating on a little cloud for at least another week. There'll be a second watching of Walk the Line tonight, this time with Gina, and then there'll be Oscars! Yay! I'll tape the live broadcast during the night and watch it when I get home from school tomorrow, which just means not listening to the radio and running around with my hands over my ears to avoid being spoiled for the first part of the day. That's totally insane doable.
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Mooooooooommy, I waaaaaant my Supernaaaaatural plis to make episode being available online faaaaaaaster. *impatient*

Off to go babysitting the wee one. We'll see if I can make him go to bed on time tonight.


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