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Premiere went swimmingly. I was very, very happy with it. Except for the lights guy fucking up. He can bite me. *beams*

In other news, my Harry Potter love is coming back with a vengeance. I'm re-reading the books and I spent, like, hours today going through HP Lexicon omg.

Tomorrow's gonna be busy (again) but I have a free weekend, mmmmh.

And, you know, the day's not over here yet, so hah!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE! Dee-est, you are such a ridiculously fun and lovely woman and I am so grateful to have the privilege of knowing you. I hope with all my heart that you had the bestest day. *kiss*
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My last five days can be summed up thusly:

Hours spent babysitting: thirteen (13)
Hours spent shopping in Hamburg: nine (9)
Theater rehearsals: three (3), each several hours long
Appointments with the people running the venue we're going to use for Prom: two (2)
Prom Committee meetings: one (1)
Doctor's appointments: one (1)
Chances of completely catching up with the flist: zero (0)

And then there are my best friend's birthday party tonight and my uncle's tomorrow. *headdesk*

Speaking of birthdays, however, [ profile] unholyglee had one! It doesn't sound like it started out all that well, baby, but I hope things got better. You're fabulous and funny and all-around quite awesome, and you really deserve a break. Happy (belated) birthday! ♥

There's fic stuff I wanna talk and flail and rec about, and then there are also Jared Padalecki and Sandra McCoy being simply too adorable for words, but I'mma make that a different post.

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Oh, and before the day is over: most happiest birthdays to [ profile] fryadvocate and [ profile] bexone! ♥
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We all know why May 1st is a federal holiday, yes? Of course. Because it's Max's birthday yay! Baby, I hope you get to sit on JDM's lap while he calls you babygirl and the J's feed you cake. In short: have the bestest day ever.
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There are seven thousand thing I have for a post, but all those will come later; this deserves its own. :D

Dearest [ profile] maygra, happiest of birthdays to you. I hope you're having a fantastic day and the next year is filled with everything good in the WORLD. *kiss*
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Guess who has a birthday today!

Well, first of all it was [ profile] gabbyhope's on the 20th. Much love to you, baby! I hope you had a fantastic time. ♥

Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan turns forty this very day, and in honor of that, Max declared it to be Flash JDM Your Tits Day. I'm as sure as she is that he would be highly appreciative of the thought. So, since I am severely lacking in shame and/or good taste:

Dear Mr. Morgan,

Happy Birthday.


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Happy birthday, [ profile] melloniel! *squishes*
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First of all, 'twas a birthday yesterday!! HI JEN-JEN HI! I'm so glad to hear you had a good one. You're a fabulous and very special person and I'm grateful to know you. *smish*

Also Jensen Ackles is one lucky bastard, because he shares a birthday with the most remarkable [ profile] monkeydom! Happy Birthday, honey. ♥ Go on over to her journal and love on her, because it's her birthday and she finished the most beautifully fantastic Wincest body-swap fic! It's crack of the best kind, people, you don't wanna miss this one.

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- And I missed a birthday again. *facepalm* Dearest [ profile] monkeycrackmary, I hope you had a good one. ♥
- I am filled with bordering-on-ridiculous love for the Supernatural fandom. Still. Always. Yes, this merits its own bulletpoint (or dash, as the case may be). These boys are so much love. *draws hearts*
- My enthusiasm for Battlestar Galactica is somewhat diminished of late. I don't think I very much like the direction the show is going in, as far as character and relationship developments are concerned.
- This is still funny, people. I watch it everyday, because it makes my heart smile. His little trucker hat!
- Seven weeks of school left. o.O
- There are a boatload of scheduling issues surrounding my visit to the host family in June. This has to work out, oh please, let it work out. I want to see them so bad.
- HI HI FLIST! Happy weekend to y'all!
- Relatedly, enlighten the poor, clueless German girl: what's the correct spelling on this, y'all or ya'll?
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Happiest of birthdays to the Brookest!! ♥ I'd like to do something witty and, you know, fanciful just for you, but my brain is leaking out my ears so all you get is this. Sorry! *loves all over you*

Had a baked goods sale to raise money for Prom during Parent-Teacher day today. Five people to run the whole thing. Five. But a third of our class donated food, so that's something, I guess. We raised more than four hundred dollars. o.O So, all in all: happy, but completely destroyed. My feet DID NO LIKE THIS and are determined to let me know.

I am itching so badly to read all the J² fics that are floating around and come recced to high heaven, but I can't. Because as soon as I start getting fandomy over the actors involved in a project beyond a completely superficial level, the FPS part of fandom is lost to me because my brain just keeps superimposing the persona of the actor over his character. And I love my shiny Wincest too much omg. I guess I can file this under "my life is so hard".

I think I'll just go to bed and read "Good Omens" until I fall asleep. Dude. Ow, my feet.
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OMG OMG I suck and I missed a birthday!!!

Many belated congratulations to the lovely [ profile] andrealyn! You're a very amazing woman and I wish you all the best for the next 21 years! ♥
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New Supernatural for the Amerikaner tonight, which means a downloadable file for me most likely sometime around Thursday morning. Yay! Relatedly, pictures from some WB party the boys went to. And while I totally think Jensen Ackles is the hotter brother (he has crinkles. There are very few things I find sexier in a guy under thirty than those little crinkles around his eyes that come from laughing a lot. Guh ♥), I've gotta hand it to Jared Padalecki: boy knows how to dress. And his grin could possibly light up an entire room, and I'm not talking about the copious amounts of Crest White Strips, either.

Actually, I was only posting to say: Happy Birthday to the unimitable Becky!!!!! Hope you have a good one, honey. <3
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It's 2006? When did this happen?

Happiest of birthdays to my bestest Brenda! Big floating hearts to you, darling. I hope your day is fantastic. ♥ ♥ ♥

In other happy news, Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars? Yeah, baby.


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