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Have a piece of distressingly porn-free, utter self-indulgence. For [ profile] tabbyola, who made me the happiest girl in the world by loving Merlin, and with many thanks to [ profile] adellyna for the beta, hand-holding, and being generally outstanding. ♥ (Title and cut tag from Spring Quiet by Christina Rossetti.)

gone were but the winter
7,740 words. Arthur/Merlin. PG-13. Mild spoilers for episodes 1x07 and 1x13. Everything you recognize belongs to the BBC.

come were but the spring )
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This one is for the lovely [ profile] shleemeri, on the occasion of her birth and stuff. A bit of silly fluff featuring boys and baby animals! \o/

Whiskers On Kittens
1,148 words. Jon/Spencer. PG. Totally made up!

bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens (note: neither of those things are actually to be found behind the cut tag )
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The day before Yesterday was [ profile] adellyna's birthday, you guys! YAY! (It may still be, you know, in… some timezone. Somewhere. Hush.)

Those of you not lucky enough to know her will just have to believe me when I tell you that she's funny and patient and generous and wonderful, and that she makes my everything brighter just by being a part of it. Hi Mandi, ILU so, so much, and I hope your day was filled with win and sparkles, just like you are. ♥ ♥ ♥

You told me you wouldn't be, like, opposed to Vicky/Spencer make-outs; this is not quite that, but, er, I hope you like it anyway.

Lightning-speed beta by [ profile] girlintheband (♥) and title by Melissa Ferrick, because God forbid I ever have to come up with my own.

It's Where It Lives
3,264 words. Spencer/Vicky T. NC-17. None of this ever happened.

right here between your hips )
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This is neither an AU nor a multi-parter. I know! I am shocked myself!


Written for my darling [ profile] adellyna in a holiday-exchange type thing! Many thanks go to [ profile] airgiodslv, for as wonderful a beta as always. Title from Sarah Bettens' "Follow Me".

But You Could (Follow Me)
8,495 words. Jon/Spencer. NC-17. Oh so very fake.

it might not be the smartest thing to do )
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I was debating endlessly about when would be the best time to post this and kinda-sorta settled on tomorrow (the 12th! Half-time!) but a) I'm impatient and b) this morning marked the first time I heard Wham! on the radio this season, so I chose to see it as a Sign.

This has been in the works since August, Christ. It also might be the most randomly AU fic in the entire world, starting with the fact that December 1st did not actually fall on a Monday this year. Many, many thanks to [ profile] tabbyola and [ profile] airgiodslv for providing opinions and constant hand-holding, and to [ profile] airgiodslv for the rocking beta.

For [ profile] adellyna, who is the needles on my tree and the reindeers on my sweater. ♥

Last Christmas (A Seasonal Drama In 24 Parts)
AU. 14,649 words. Jon/Spencer (Ryan/Brendon, Frank/Gerard, Vicky/Travis, assorted other players). PG-13. Lies! All lies!

wrapped it up and sent it with a note saying: i love you )
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Oh man. Final count: 30,451 words.

Title Our Comedies Are Not To Be Laughed At
Authors [ profile] adellyna and [ profile] maleyka
Rating PG-13 for the most part, NC-17 overall.
Fandom Bandom! Various members of MCR, FOB, P!ATD and TAI... plus other random people.
Pairings Bob/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey, Pete/Patrick, Greta/Jon, William/Travis, Ryan/Keltie, Jon/Tomrad (if you squint)
Summary Bands? What bands? Everyone's in film school!
Disclaimer Nobody thinks any of this is real, please don't try to convince a judge otherwise.

Many thanks to [ profile] mercurybard, [ profile] airgiodslv, [ profile] _avenues and [ profile] girlintheband for their super-quick and thorough betas! ♥

Part 1/4 )
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One minute I was talking to [ profile] unholyglee and the next I was writing porn. Go figure.

Seriously, y'all. There's absolutely no artistic value to this. Just smut. Because Sandy is awesome and deserves to get laid more. *nodnod*

Many thanks to the fabulous Brenda for the impromptu beta, and the title. She likes it simple, what can I say.

Up Against The Wall

Sandywhack says, Lose the pants )


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