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Via [ profile] sinden:

We're just enquiring abut the chemistry between the two leads when Jared Padalecki sneaks out from behind a drape. Ackles barely has time to announce, "And here's my geek brother..." when, in a display of filial affection, Padalecki reaches over and pokes his finger up Ackles nostril. "Don't want you going on camera with a big ol' booger hanging out of your nose," he explains before ambling away, singing "Just looking out for you, bro."

Ackles shouts after him, "Thanks, man. Keeping it real." There's a pause before he dead-pans, "Does that answer your question?"

And let's just focus on something in particular, shall we?

Jared Padalecki sneaks out from behind a drape.


... the hell? Oh, boys. Did the reporter arrive too early and Jared had to jump behind the curtains to get his pants back up?
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So, basically, everything I said about Supernatural RPS turned out to be not true. Yay?

So! You guys get recs, because once you've started... I also recommend checking out the most excellent post [ profile] azewewish made a couple of days ago. I took care that our recs don't overlap, so shoo! She's got lots more goodies. As does [ profile] stone_princess, by the way.

All but one of these stories are J². Some are more explicit, some less, but all of them contain boy-on-boy action of the real people variety, so if that's not your cup of tea, you might want to pass this one up, 'kay? A couple of them feature Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum as guest stars to complete the WB quartet, but even if you have never watched Smallville or hate both of these guys, do yourself a favor and read the fics anyway. They're just that good.

Ready? Ready! )
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Happiest of birthdays to the Brookest!! ♥ I'd like to do something witty and, you know, fanciful just for you, but my brain is leaking out my ears so all you get is this. Sorry! *loves all over you*

Had a baked goods sale to raise money for Prom during Parent-Teacher day today. Five people to run the whole thing. Five. But a third of our class donated food, so that's something, I guess. We raised more than four hundred dollars. o.O So, all in all: happy, but completely destroyed. My feet DID NO LIKE THIS and are determined to let me know.

I am itching so badly to read all the J² fics that are floating around and come recced to high heaven, but I can't. Because as soon as I start getting fandomy over the actors involved in a project beyond a completely superficial level, the FPS part of fandom is lost to me because my brain just keeps superimposing the persona of the actor over his character. And I love my shiny Wincest too much omg. I guess I can file this under "my life is so hard".

I think I'll just go to bed and read "Good Omens" until I fall asleep. Dude. Ow, my feet.


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