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Jared cut his hair.

Bettina rejoices.

P.S.: Dear Jared, I already think you're the hottest man on teevee. When you show up places with the hollow at the base of your throat glistening like that, it does bad things to my equilibrium. Please don't ever look into things to cover it up. Danke!
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Behind the scenes of 'Home' )
There are many, many things I love about this picture, but chief among them:

1. The expression on the little girl's face. She's all, "Ho hum. Just another night of being schlepped around set by a giant. Yawn."
2. The fact that Jared can hold these two kids so absolutely effortlessly.
3. The size of his paw next to the little boy's hand.

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Alright, y'all. If you've missed the first round over at [ profile] 25_days, do yourselves a favor and get over there. It's JENSEN MOPING IN 50 DIFFERENT PLACES BECAUSE JARED DOESN'T LOVE HIM (except he really does). And starting today, it will be JARED MOPING IN FIFTY DIFFERENT PLACES BECAUSE JENSEN DOESN'T LOVE HIM (except he really does). Moping! In fifty different places! Please believe me when I tell you that the whole thing's AWESOME. The drabbly-things all rock, though my personal favorites are probably 4. (On a horse), 43. (In a meat locker), and 45. (In a fish market).

Seriously, you guys. It's SO GOOD.
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You know that MTV "House of Wax"-behind-the-scenes video? The one that's all about Jared freaking out over getting hot wax put on him? When he's talking to that Australian guy who's supposed to, like, talk him through it or something and Jared's all, "I have dry skin, okay, and I'm really jetlagged and I'm already moisturizin' and drinkin' lots of water and look, here, dry skin, you can see it on my hand and OMG NO WAX PLEASE" and Australian guy is all nodding along and going "Hmm-mmm" all the while clearly thinking, "You homo"?

And then he's on the phone, presumably to his girlfriend, all "But baby, they were gonna put HOT WAX ON ME" and she's obviously making fun of him for being such a pussy?

Ahahahahahahaha, HEART. Poor Jared, he gets no pity.
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God, I'm spammy today.

Let it be known that I want to grab Jared Padalecki and squeeze him to my ample bosom, preferably without scaring the shit out of him in the process. I kid you not. He is *that* fucking adorable in interviews, just, so sweet and polite and generally chipper. I want him to be my Squishy. This might be hindered by the fact that he's, like, twice as tall as I am. (Boy's 6'3". I'm 5'2". o.O)


If you need proof, consult [ profile] shanalle's default icon. JP may well have my favorite smile on a guy, ever.
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New Supernatural for the Amerikaner tonight, which means a downloadable file for me most likely sometime around Thursday morning. Yay! Relatedly, pictures from some WB party the boys went to. And while I totally think Jensen Ackles is the hotter brother (he has crinkles. There are very few things I find sexier in a guy under thirty than those little crinkles around his eyes that come from laughing a lot. Guh ♥), I've gotta hand it to Jared Padalecki: boy knows how to dress. And his grin could possibly light up an entire room, and I'm not talking about the copious amounts of Crest White Strips, either.

Actually, I was only posting to say: Happy Birthday to the unimitable Becky!!!!! Hope you have a good one, honey. <3


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