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Lazy Sunday for me, though I've been up since relatively early and have not yet called Parnell to see how he's doing.

Saw Walk The Line last night with Steffi and her boyfriend. I've heard from people that the movie suffers from coming so soon after Ray, but I've never seen that one so my enjoyment was quite unspoiled. And how could I not enjoy a movie that featured Joaquin Phoenix wearing black and sweating copiously, Reese Witherspoon turned brunette and looking unbelievably gorgeous in that color, and my girlfriend Ginnifer Goodwin being pretty as always? I mean, guys, seriously. And then the music. The music OMG. I was bouncing in my seat all through the opening scene and never really stopped. I have since realized, much to my chagrin, that there doesn't seem to be a downloadable version of Reese & Joaquin singing "Time's A-wastin'". Woe. I also dig June's wardrobe.

In less shallow thoughts, wow. That was a quality biopic. It was unflinching without being crass, and it very much reflected the personality of a sad, broken, and heart-breakingly lonely man without whacking the viewer over the head with a "cry already, damnit!" attitude. Reese Witherspoon was spot-on perfect, as was Joaquin Phoenix (he ripped the sink out of the wall, people. Just like that. Out of the fucking wall). Robert Patrick made me want to hit him in the face repeatedly, and ahahaha, Tyler Hilton. All in all, I have much love for that movie and James Mangold.

There's something else I was going to say, but I forgot. Ahem.
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I feel a little... quixotic. Melancholy. Brokeback Mountain didn't touch me quite as deeply as I expected it to, but I'm suspecting it may just have been the fact that I was watching it on my computer screen and didn't catch half the dialogue because of Ennis' horrible mumbling and the low volume on the file. I can't wait to see it on the big screen with proper sound; maybe then it will resonate even stronger.

Still made me tear up, though. And I can definitely see what y'all were talking about, because damn, this was a beautiful film in every aspect. The music was heartbreaking, that little tinkly melody from the trailer. And damn, but Heath Ledger can act. I hardly understood half of it because of his marble-mouthed diction combined with the accent, but DAMN. That was incredibly beautiful, and every Golden Globe this one won, and every Oscar it hopefully will, have been and will be more than well deserved.

You know, the more I think about it, the sadder it gets.

I think I need a hug now.
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Sooo, I hope each one of you darlings made it into 2006 safe and sound! I, for my part, spent the night at a friend's very excellent party, chatted with new people and old acquaintances and climbed up on the dike with the others at midnight to watch fireworks go off all over the district. All in all, a spectacular time was had by all ringing in the new year.

The evening did lead me to wonder one thing, though: is the amusement derived from Dinner For One a purely German thing? Watching it is tradition, at least with all the households I've ever been in on New Year's Eve, and, well. When you think about it it's really slightly above mediocre slapstick, but it had (as it always does) a room full of people roaring with laughter. Really, what amuses us so about Freddie Frinton tripping over that damn tiger rug for what must be the millionth time, having faithfully watched the same fifteen minutes each year? What is so hilarious about his exchange with May Warden that, I guarantee this, 98.5 percent of all Germans will be able to reproduce it upon the slightest prompt ("Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?" in an increasingly drunken slur)? I have no idea. Same procedure as every year, indeed (and yes, I laughed. I laugh every year, because I am not above amusing myself at the expense of a decrepit old butler spilling alcohol and drinking from a flower vase).

And I probably could come up with a slightly less awkward segue, but I'm too lazy. So, here be brief thoughts on King Kong, which I will not spoiler-cut because if you don't know the story is about a giant ape and a tiny woman - well, I suppose now you do, anyway. Peter Jackson is obviously as insane as he is brilliant, because while there were a few scenes that I really think could have been cut from the final product, he made it work. And damn it, but the CGI work on Kong was fucking fantastic. He looked more real than Naomi Watts. Adrien Brody is quite sexy and intensely lickable, and Jamie Bell has been officially added to the list of young, blond, British boys that make me want to take them home and feed them cookies, and then do naughty things to them later. I earned my geeky fangirl points by recognizing everybody from their LotR work in the ending credits (and squealing accordingly), then promptly lost them again when I was later informed that Kiran Shah was in that movie and I did not see him. Huh.

The parentals are back and the house suddenly seems very noisy. La la la. *plugs ears*


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