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"Patternmaker" is totally the "Mudblood" of the design world, isn't it.

I now love Project Runway, yay! For some reason I always thought the show wouldn't be something I'd particularly enjoy. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay. I caught five eps of Season 1 and one of Season 2 during Bravo's marathon craze the day of the new season premiere, and I was in love. Just. How could I have been so dumb. Pretty clothes to fawn over! Fugly clothes to mock! Michael Kors's bitchface! TIM GUNN! Any show that has Tim Gunn has already won me over, y'all. He is the quintessence of every favorite uncle and teacher you've ever wanted to impress SO BADLY.

I've faithfully been watching and then downloading Season 3 - and is it just me, or was this bunch of designers hardcore stabbity and cut-throat from the very beginning? Vincent is insane and needs to never, ever, talk about himself "getting off" on national television EVER AGAIN, Jeffrey is an asshole and I hope he and his stupid neck tattoo fuck off very, very soon, Kayne is something else, Michael needs to be my television boyfriend, and Robert was kind of wonderful and I'm sad he's gone. I think Laura is fabulous and makes GORGEOUS clothes, Uli is a sweetheart but should probably design a different dress sometime soon, Angela deserved to go three challenges ago, and Alison is apparently a bitter, self-important bitch, so, good riddance. Even though Amanda is probably annoying the crap out of everyone who has to work with her, I think she's looked great on the runway from day one. As has Camilla. And Nazri, holy shit.

*draws hearts around shiny semi-new-found show*


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