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Okay, my lovelies. I have to be up to leave for the airport in five hours, and if all goes well I'll be at my host family's house tomorrow afternoon. I'll be checking my email (mostly) daily and I'll try to be around here as much as I can. I'm sorry for the comments I owe, I'll try to get as many of these as I can once I'm settled in Rockford.

Kaydee, I'll let you know about the exact date just as soon as I've talked to the family!

Bye bye! ♥
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So, about two weeks ago my life just turned around and exploded in my face with a thousand things hat all needed attending-to all at once, but in a good way. Or at least not a bad way. The point is that I'm (mostly) done now and hoping to be around more than just popping up sporadically every couple days. *clings to flist* I am so woefully behind on everything that is fandom I'm not even attempting to catch up. Just, if there's anything that has really caught your attention that you think I must see, or if you did anything yourselves (screw modesty. I already know y'all are super-talented and awesome) tell me plis?

Despite that I somehow found the time to stay up until 4 a.m. one night (God, you guys, I really wish I were kidding) to read all about the batshit insane that is MsScribe. It's just - man. If you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favor and do it, if only for the WTF?!-ness of it all. I'm still all agape and I've had to, like, forcibly restrain myself - with varying degrees of success - not to wade into all the tangent-wanks this thing dredged up.

In other news, this summer is turning out far too hot for my liking. WAH. Seriously, when it comes to heat I'm such a delicate motherfucking flower it's ridiculous. However, I have pretty new shoes and hot pink toenails so I declare it a success anyway. And then there's the World Cup, OH THE WORLD CUP I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE. More on that maybe later.

I'm flying out to Chicago next Sunday (!!!), which means I'll be seeing my family and Becky, and while I'm still sad I couldn't come to L.A. to meet Jo and Brenda, I'll be visiting the loverly Mellies and probably be seeing Nan and I'm just so excited about all of that I could throw up. :D


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