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Since the last update I have

- graduated. Well, not officially. But my exams are done (Friday's oral: 10/15, which I'm content with) and there's no way I failed any of that. Right now I'm still reeling a little at the prospect of the entire summer without school work, and the fact that after thirteen years I am no longer a student. (University totally won't count. Shush.)
- Downloaded and watched "Devil's Trap". I have loads to say, but until I've managed to type it up I'll just be here in the corner, rocking back and forth and clutching the shards of my BROKEN SOUL.
- Been blindsided by JDM being wicked hot and oozing chemistry in a most definitely un-fatherly way.
- Been lured into insanity by Brook.
- Cleaned my room, partly because a lovely lady from Alaska occupied it last night and partly because I needed to decompress after the finale. Alaska Lady was a joy to meet, I did not pop a vessel, and my room is shiny-sparkly-clean, so I guess this can be considered a win on all fronts.
- Discovered that my phone either hates the 16-minute-mark in conversations, or Brenda, or both.


How're your weekends going, lovelies?
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Right-o. Oral exam scheduled for 12.20 p.m. tomorrow, after which I will really be a graduate of my school yay. Please, y'all, wish me luck one last time.

Finale filter is firmly in place, so if you post anything personal between now and then, forgive me for not commenting on it until after I've watched it, yeah? I pray for the file to be up by the time I get home around lunch time.

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The pull of muscles in my thighs is telling me I'm gonna be sore as hell tomorrow. There's also a blister on the side of my big toe and the soles of my feet are atrociously dirty, but it was so worth it for a gorgeous, warm, sunny afternoon of walking and messing around on the playground barefoot with the kidlet and his brother. Today was really good. There was no screaming or drama; the kidlet even allowed me to cuddle on the sofa after dinner (which is, like, WHOA) and proceeded to fall asleep in my lap like a puppy. N'aww.

I feel well-prepared for my oral exam on Friday and slightly less prepared for the SPN finale tomorrow. What do you mean, the first season is done? What?! Sigh.

I owe very many people comments, which I promise I will get to tomorrow. [ profile] trakkie, I haven't forgotten about providing inspiration. Tomorrow as well, sweetheart. ♥
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I did not dream of nekkid celebrities, but I did dream of Winchesters. Sam and Dean were investigating some demon or other (I believe it worked through people's television or summat) and my brain gave me lots of images of dust being wiped off television screens with white tissues. The hell? Am I developing some sort of Stepfordian disorder? Anyway, they were on church grounds. The dream involved a graveyard at night, breaking into the priest's house, the owner of which was sitting in an armchair either sleeping or dead (no way to tell because of the angle; my brain's even building SUSPENSE, y'all), and creeping around a nearby thicket of pine trees. I remember Sam on his back, covered in dirt and blood and pine needles and Dean groaning, "Not again." I believe Sam was possessed.

And then it was time to get up. \o/

Not quite what I was hoping for, but I'm willing to consider it a step in the right direction. And how could any day that started with Winchesters fail, I ask you? That's right, it couldn't. Bio went - okay, I suppose. I'm just angling for my customary 5/15, you guys.

However! I already watched "Salvation" and there will be comments later. Oh yes. For now I'll just say that this show owns me to a degree that is truly stupid.
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I can't be arsed to study anymore. I should, because I haven't done half of what I was supposed to, but I am honestly at a point where I just don't give a damn anymore. LAST WRITTEN EXAM. Who cares if I do badly? I don't. Because the other two went well and it's the LAST MOTHERFUCKING WRITTEN EXAM and I am so close to being done I can feel it.

I am dimly aware that this is not a good attitude to be having, but guess what? I can't be arsed to care about that either. I'm almost finished. I AM GLEEFUL. This is no time to study.

New SPN tonight (or tomorrow, depending) and I can't believe it's the second-to-last episode already. In a couple of years when season seven rolls around (God and the CW willing), we will be looking back on the halcyon days of The First Season when our little fandom was all new and gleaming and we will all heave a wistful sigh. *verklempt*

That was your hormonal moment of the day. I shall end mine on that note: folks were having nekkid celebrity dreams all over the place last night. I would like one too. Could there be a more fitting time than the eve of the last Bio exam of my life? Yeah, I didn't think so. Get on it, subconscious.
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- The kidlet's developing some unfortunate diva-like tendencies. He didn't want to eat and didn't want to get changed for bed and threw a tantrum just in case I didn't catch that THE FIRST THREE TIMES HE SHRIEKED IT INTO MY EAR. He promptly exhausted himself being pissed at the world and fell asleep in my arms, which makes me think he just needed a nap (literally). Older brother was giving me attitude about finishing dinner as well, which he's never done before, and then he tried to get the sweets I wouldn't let him have by pitching his dad and me against each other. Neither of us are stupid, though, and he got the smackdown he so richly deserved. Good Lord. These kids are lucky they're generally well-behaved and therefore have some elbowroom for acting out, and that I have what my family calls a "constitution like a butcher's dog," because I came pretty close to choking a bitch tonight. I actually uttered the words, "Do not take that tone with me," and realized that I have, in fact, turned into my mother before even turning twenty.
- So the afternoon gravitated towards "pants", but the first part of the day was pretty awesome. The exam was even better than I'd hoped for, so I'm optimistic as far as that's concerned. Yay!
- Tomorrow's off OMG. There's two hours of studying for Bio I'm currently trying to motivate myself into doing tonight, the rest can wait until tomorrow. Then my LAST WRITTEN EXAM on Friday and then I will have ample time to collapse into a corner and think happy thoughts. Speaking of:
- You guys, I have started a petition and I've already got two signatures on it (one's mine, shh, don't tell). Wanna know what it's about? Well, it's called WRITE BETTINA PORN FOR THE MARY-SUE CHALLENGE (OR JUST IN GENERAL) FEATURING HERSELF AND JARED PADALECKI BUT REALLY SHE'S RIDICULOUSLY EASY AND CHEAP NOT THAT PICKY AND WILL SETTLE FOR ANY WINCHESTER (CHARACTER OR ACTOR) EXCEPT FOR PAPA. Why, yes, I have absolutely zero shame. Is anybody surprised? I'm counting on you, fangirls. If enough of you sign it the planets will align in a certain way and the universe will write me that fic. I am SURE of it.
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Since it worked so well the last time, I figure I should ask y'all to wish me luck again tomorrow. As ever, if you should be up between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. NY time and a terribly clever thought about a) American "Imperial" politics, b) German cities during the Middle Ages or c) Allied politics in post-war Germany should come to you, send it my way, yeah? It certainly couldn't hurt. ♥
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To everyone who was sending me good vibes, THANK YOU OMG. You guys, it actually worked, because that shit was easy. (Unless of course I missed something crucial, in which case I'll be eating my words in about two months' time.) But, yeah. Easy. YAYES! *harts y'all*

I have quite a few thoughts about "Dead Man's Blood"; I'll have to try and see whether I can distill them into something coherent later.
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*deep breath*

Right. I'm figuring eight hours of sleep before this can't hurt, so I'mma head off to bed now. Sorry, Mellies! My mother tackled me in the hallway and dragged me off for a relaxing night of boardgames, at which she utterly beat my ass, I'll have you know. I'll just keep trying tomorrow! ♥

Now I'm really nervous, of course. Figures.

If any of you guys should happen to be awake between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. NY time, wish me luck, yeah?
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I will not look at the spoiler pics. I have self-control. I will not look at the spoiler pics. I have self-control. I will not look, etc., etc.

Except for the part where I totally don't have a smidgen of self-control, BUT I WILL NOT LOOK AT THOSE DAMN SPOILER PICS. *gnaws on hand*

Big Damn Exams finally start tomorrow, you guys. Six hours of English that will count 1/4 of my graduating score, which in turn will be the grades that I'll be applying to universities with this summer. If y'all have any good thoughts to spare, they'd be very much appreciated.
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Final exams start on Friday. I'm probably stressing way too much (which would be a first for me) because the test is way more likely to be easy rather than too hard, and I feel well-prepared for English and semi-prepared for History. But there's still so much stuff I have to do and learn, and I can't even think about Bio on the 28th or I'll have a nervous breakdown because I just don't get that shit.

I just have to keep it together for three more weeks. I can do that. I can DO THAT, dammit.
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Thank God there are people posting today. *clutches flist* Yesterday was so quiet I thought y'all were dead or something. Happy Monday, flist! I am not in school yaye. I do have about a foot of paperwork to work off until exams, though, but you know what? I DON'T CARE.

I overslept spectacularly this morning and was late to rehearsal, but other than that the day is looking up. I stole one of the daffodils my mother bought and it's now living in a little holder on my desk and looking pretty. AND I got a gold star from Nan for being supremely lame in the personal injury department. \o/

How're your mornings, lovelies?
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OKAY. Let's try this again.

Good morning, flist! It's raining outside but I don't care, because I have cocoa and a haircut appointment this afternoon and I'mma go see Brokeback Mountain again after that with Steffi AND WE'LL ALL HAVE AN EXCELLENT DAY BECAUSE I SAID SO (Note: if you are not, in fact, having an excellent day at the time of reading this, feel free to emote in the comments and I will give you a hug and a cookie).

I have two periods of Bio today, my last time going to classes. I... yeah.
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Today was the first opportunity to wear my sunglasses out and yay! I still love them. I look like a very classy porn star. My friend gave me the thumbs up walking past the car, hee. It is entirely possible I might spam with a bunch of pictures, just as soon as I've got my hair cut. I got an appointment this morning for Thursday afternoon (only to realize I had to reschedule just now, because I'm dumb, y'all). I like the length and my natural color, but I need the ends trimmed so badly and I want to get some bangs. (Maybe.) I'm essited! I always get disproportionally enthusiastic about things like buying shoes or having my hair cut. I'm a big girl.

I went through a bunch of baby pictures to decide which ones to have put in the yearbook. Old photographs of yours truly range from "omg cute!" to "... fugly". Yeah, I don't know either. I'm just glad I outgrew the uncontrollable tongue-lolling which seems to have been characteristic for my first months. Seriously. That thing used to be all over the place.

I have nothing at all to do for the whole rest of the day, you guys. No homework, no babysitting, no appointments. It's a little dizzying. o.O
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Okay, so I love snow as much as the next girl. Actually, I probably love it more. I would have been ecstatic had we gotten this kind of weather over Christmas. However: four inches of snow (and no sign of stopping) in the middle of fucking March while the road-clearing crews are on strike? Not my idea of a fun time, weather-wise. Relatedly: dear fellow drivers, please turn your headlights on in weather like this. Especially if your car is white or silver grey. I ALMOST DID NOT SEE YOU THERE. You give me road rage.

Nnnfgh, Friday. Our fourth-semester grades have to be in by the 21st, which means that the last minute GPA-insanity of "Let's get this sucker up one last time" has set in all around. After the 21st my schedule will be quite a bit lighter since, traditionally, the seniors only continue going to the classes they actually take their Graduation exams in. School will let out for us on the 31st, which means four weeks of working our collective ass off until we're all done (somewhere between May 5th and May 9th, depending on when they decide to schedule my oral exam). I can do it, I know I can. It's just a little intimidating is all.
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Happy Tuesday, y'all! Oh, how much brighter the world looks when it's not 10 p.m. on a Monday and you really ought to be in bed but you're not because it's a Monday and you've got PMS and you're busy freaking out over something that's probably not even true and, honestly, you shouldn't give a flying fuck about, as rightly occurred to you as soon as you got a decent night's sleep.


I am clearly crazy, because I have the sudden and inexplicable urge to write my own version of a "Good Omens" screenplay. WTF, brain, WTF? That's right, because we've done ANYTHING like that EVER before. And I've just got OODLES of free time right now. I need a good smacking, partially because I should be AWAY from the computer right now, learning history for, oh, I don't know, my EXAM tomorrow? Sigh.

This post brought to you by capital letters, apparently.


Feb. 16th, 2006 09:38 pm
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I am so behind on everything. The weekend, people, I promise. Just have to get through my Gov. exam tomorrow and the seminar that's supposed to prepare us for studying for/getting through graduation (yeah, right).

Did that sentence even make sense? I don't know. For my part, I'm just grateful I got through my Bio exam today. Please, the weekend can't come soon enough.

WTF, network execs? No new Supernatural on Tuesday? You can't do this to me us! WE WANT PAPA!
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Happiest of birthdays to the Brookest!! ♥ I'd like to do something witty and, you know, fanciful just for you, but my brain is leaking out my ears so all you get is this. Sorry! *loves all over you*

Had a baked goods sale to raise money for Prom during Parent-Teacher day today. Five people to run the whole thing. Five. But a third of our class donated food, so that's something, I guess. We raised more than four hundred dollars. o.O So, all in all: happy, but completely destroyed. My feet DID NO LIKE THIS and are determined to let me know.

I am itching so badly to read all the J² fics that are floating around and come recced to high heaven, but I can't. Because as soon as I start getting fandomy over the actors involved in a project beyond a completely superficial level, the FPS part of fandom is lost to me because my brain just keeps superimposing the persona of the actor over his character. And I love my shiny Wincest too much omg. I guess I can file this under "my life is so hard".

I think I'll just go to bed and read "Good Omens" until I fall asleep. Dude. Ow, my feet.
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So, here's the deal. I don't know if it's the season or what, but recently the flist has been filled with lots of posts about being depressed, feeling lonely, feeling sad. That makes me unhappy, because you're all beautiful people who should never have to feel crappy ever. So! Here's your task, flist: tell me what makes you happy. Right now or in the long run. Give me one word or keep writing until lj cuts you off, it doesn't matter. We'll make it our own season to spread cheer.

Things wot make Bettina happy:

- The last two months of school. I've never hated going to school (except for getting up early omg) but now it's - you can see the finish line and suddenly the adrenaline kicks in and you're determined to make those last couple of weeks count. So yes, right now even being in school makes me happy.
- Drama club. I love it. I love everything about it.
- Supernatural. I don't care if it's lame that a TV show can fill me with such disproportionate amounts of glee.
- You.

C'mon, people!
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Break, break, breakity-break, I'm on Christmas break! Sweet, sweet freedom until January 9th.

How's everyone doing OMG?

Thanks to the fantastic and entirely wonderful [ profile] crazybutsound, I now have most of season 1 and all the season 2 episodes so far of House!! Sweetheart, that totally made my great day infinitely better. *snuggles* Is there anything in particular you'd like in return? I have a couple of soundtracks (Finding Neverland, Sorcerer's Stone, Goblet of Fire, Pirates of the Caribbean) and I can offer you episodes of Firefly, Supernatural or Veronica Mars. If you've got all of those, you'll just get the boring old mix CDs. *g*

Also, the equally amazing [ profile] cupiscent sent me Nochnoy Dozor-shaped goodies ages and ages ago, and I completely forgot to thank her because I suck. Thanks you, Dee-est! You'll get something in your mail soon. :D

Speaking of, remember how I promised I'd send y'all Christmas cards? Yeah, um. I think it'll be more like CDs and tearful sentiments, arriving somewhere around New Year's. Sorry.

Break! I'm on break!


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