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So, um, from what I've gleaned so far people seemed to have either LOVED or HATED OMG!! this episode. Am I the only one who was kinda, "...yeah, okay. Nice enough. Next week's, please"?

Properly this time! )
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More forthcoming later, but for now there's one thing I seriously need to say about No Exit )
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I'm so terribly lucky with my flist, I realize this every time I venture beyond. This neck of the woods is so blessedly free of crazy. Well, the bad kind of crazy. The other kind y'all are chock-full of, which is why I love you in the first place. *g*

And don't get me wrong, I think it's great that everybody seems to adore Jo. Seriously. Rock on. I don't, which, you know, also fine. I don't dislike the character by any means; I'm just not all excited about her (yet. I reserve the right to change my opinion, especially considering the preview for next week's ep, which I'm very, very excited to see in full). But there've been these undertones - though not from any one of you - that I didn't find much more pleasant than the hate tirades (99% of which, if you'll allow me to go on a very short tangent, are stupid on very many levels). Comments that practically screamed, "You have to love this character because if you don't, you're just jealous/incapable of coping with change/resentful of 'strong' women". Those make me feel backed into a corner, which I don't like at all. Not to mention I think it's bullshit to make sweeping statements like that in general.

So I suppose this was a very long-winded way of saying, Fandom is odd but I love my flist. Also, [ profile] oxoniensis made this icon and it's pretty. ♥
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This is probably a Very Stupid Question (like that's ever stopped me before) but, um. BPAL scents are like regular perfume (I know that they're perfume oil, actually, but please bear with me), right? So when something is said to smell like, say, "wood", will the oil be a sweet imitation of wood? Or will people walking past me take a whiff and think, "Mmmmmh, IKEA"?

I am asking these question so nobody else has to look like an idiot. *halo*

Simon Said, This blew last week out of the water )
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I suppose I could just as well title this, "Love letter to Sammy".

Bloodlust )
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You guys. Even our wank gets declared gentle, well-behaved, and darling.

Fandom, I love you. ♥
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Behind the scenes of 'Home' )
There are many, many things I love about this picture, but chief among them:

1. The expression on the little girl's face. She's all, "Ho hum. Just another night of being schlepped around set by a giant. Yawn."
2. The fact that Jared can hold these two kids so absolutely effortlessly.
3. The size of his paw next to the little boy's hand.

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Clowns, huh.


Considering I usually don't find them creepy but the preview made me whip around in my chair to check behind me, I guess this one might be fun.

Also, mild spoilers. )

In other news, Jensen Ackles is really handsome. No, really.
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(Premieres make me spammy! Who knew!)

Now - does anyone know where a girl could get the previews for next week? *bats lashes*
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See, [ profile] oxoniensis posted these incredibly gorgeous caps from last night, and I, with my incredibly non-existent graphic skillz, made icons! Um, yay?

Eight under the cut. Spoilery, natch. )

Want, take, have!
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I, er.


I'll have more to say when I'm not, you know, feeling like I got punched.
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Oh my God, you guys, fifteen more minutes for the East Coast/Midwest people until the premiere! I can't believe it's here. There's no way anything will be available for download until tomorrow noon at the earliest, so I'm effectively taking an lj break until tomorrow night, or whenever I'm caught up.

This feels a little bit like being the only one missing a giant party. *g*

Enjoy the angsty boys for me and don't break anything squeeing! ♥
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Almighty flist, I need your help.

In "Asylum", in the "When are we gonna talk about Dad/Oh, um, NEVER" scene - it's 12 minutes and six seconds into the ep in the file I have - I can not for the life of me understand Jensen's line. He says, "He sent us here, he obviously wants us here - something something pick up the search later?"

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What is it about this silly little ex-WB show about boys hunting monsters that it makes people so irrevocably its bitches? Because I was actually looking for O.C. fic when I came across this post, and thought, "Huh. That sounds kinda cool! Maybe I should find a download comm and give this show a try!"

And the rest, as they say, is INSANITY. I totally did not plan on turning into a crazy person over this show! It just happened! I came for the fucked-up sibling dynamic and angst and I stayed for the - well, fucked-up sibling dynamic and angst, plus Jared, plus Jensen, plus the Metallicar, plus the music. And now the second-season premiere is only thirty-eight hours away (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI) and I still love all of it! The Monster of the Week! The Damsel of the Week (occasionally)!

Oh! Let's have a poll! Behind the cut. )
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Random tidbit of the day: I love that Sam and Dean's parents are played by actors who are called Samantha and Jeffrey Dean. That's awesome.

This icon has nothing to do with that. But it's Sammy almost-kissing a girl, so how wrong can you go with that, really?
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Oh my God, y'all, transcribing is hard. I'm doing "Asylum" for [ profile] spn_transcripts and I'm at nine pages and only sixteen minutes into the episode. And, you know, I adore "Asylum" and all, but my transcript is starting to look a lot like:


(Sam walks around with his flashlight.)


(Dean walks around with his flashlight and his gun.)


The Big Car was broken (fixed now, thank God) so I got up and dressed at nine-thirty this morning, piled Mama and myself into the Little Car and drove her to school. Hee. It's a good twenty minutes each way, plus I took a wrong turn on the way back - of course - and ended up going in the wrong direction for a while, which cost me another fifteen. But the route is kinda pretty, lots of fields and a few foresty patches, and the sky was very very blue and I had the LotR soundtrack on in the car. So, there are much worse ways to start your day. :D

It was Mama's birthday today as well, so we went to our lovely little Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. I gave her a pair of real earrings she picked out herself, and a trip to the jeweler's to get her ears pierced. What better age to get metal shot through you than newly fifty-seven, right?


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