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- And I missed a birthday again. *facepalm* Dearest [ profile] monkeycrackmary, I hope you had a good one. ♥
- I am filled with bordering-on-ridiculous love for the Supernatural fandom. Still. Always. Yes, this merits its own bulletpoint (or dash, as the case may be). These boys are so much love. *draws hearts*
- My enthusiasm for Battlestar Galactica is somewhat diminished of late. I don't think I very much like the direction the show is going in, as far as character and relationship developments are concerned.
- This is still funny, people. I watch it everyday, because it makes my heart smile. His little trucker hat!
- Seven weeks of school left. o.O
- There are a boatload of scheduling issues surrounding my visit to the host family in June. This has to work out, oh please, let it work out. I want to see them so bad.
- HI HI FLIST! Happy weekend to y'all!
- Relatedly, enlighten the poor, clueless German girl: what's the correct spelling on this, y'all or ya'll?
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Sooooo... Anybody wanna hear what Veronica Mars is going to sound like in the German version? :D If the video doesn't start right away, just pause and then play again.

The episodes are supposed to start airing around March. I don't think I'll watch them; I can get the original instead, so what's the point? But this was still fun, and I've gotta say they did a decent job with the actress speaking Veronica.

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Battlestar Galactica is the first show in years to make me ship a het pairing principally. Twice. And while I'm in love with most of the characters, there's not a single slash pairing that I read, or have a special interest in reading. The mind boggles.
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It's 2006? When did this happen?

Happiest of birthdays to my bestest Brenda! Big floating hearts to you, darling. I hope your day is fantastic. ♥ ♥ ♥

In other happy news, Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars? Yeah, baby.
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Break, break, breakity-break, I'm on Christmas break! Sweet, sweet freedom until January 9th.

How's everyone doing OMG?

Thanks to the fantastic and entirely wonderful [ profile] crazybutsound, I now have most of season 1 and all the season 2 episodes so far of House!! Sweetheart, that totally made my great day infinitely better. *snuggles* Is there anything in particular you'd like in return? I have a couple of soundtracks (Finding Neverland, Sorcerer's Stone, Goblet of Fire, Pirates of the Caribbean) and I can offer you episodes of Firefly, Supernatural or Veronica Mars. If you've got all of those, you'll just get the boring old mix CDs. *g*

Also, the equally amazing [ profile] cupiscent sent me Nochnoy Dozor-shaped goodies ages and ages ago, and I completely forgot to thank her because I suck. Thanks you, Dee-est! You'll get something in your mail soon. :D

Speaking of, remember how I promised I'd send y'all Christmas cards? Yeah, um. I think it'll be more like CDs and tearful sentiments, arriving somewhere around New Year's. Sorry.

Break! I'm on break!
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I seem to have missed the fact that John Spencer passed away recently. I can't really say anything, except that this has been the first time the death of someone I wasn't personally acquainted with has made me cry. He was a fabulous actor, one of the main reasons I loved The West Wing all through its first two seasons, and as I understand it a lovely person as well. I just hope he's at peace.


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