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OMG WHY DID I LEAVE MY WINTER COAT AT HOME. The weather is atrocious. Forty degrees and raining, raining, raining. Yuck. This is not nice weather not to have a car in. (Whining non-withstanding, I actually love the cold season. Sweaters and scarves and mittens and hats and huddling under blankets and hot chocolate and tea and darkness out and light inside and whee! Not to mention that every day brings us closer to Christmas now and Christmas, y'all, is my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. T-minus 52 days! Get ready! Shopping starts NOW! *cough*)

There's a pretty huge display in the lobby explaining Dia de Muertos to us pasty joyless Germans. And earlier someone was playing an electric guitar wtf. Uni has been 99% wonderful so far, except for the part where I'm going to be amassing the debt of a small third-wold-nation for the copying I have to do. Also, Intro to Literature makes me want to beat my skull against the wall repeatedly. It's literature. How can you make this boring? Our professor found a way.

Going home tomorrow, whee! And I have a possible room lined up to look at next Tuesday. Honestly, once I finally have my own place and am not caught in what feels like a perpetual limbo of not-here-yet-not-there-anymore, things will be pretty damn close to perfect.

I am squeezed right up against the window because a group of seriously adorable Japanese students descended on my table and all proceeded to whip out their own laptops. Hee.
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FINALLY I figured it out, and all it took was a trip to the help desk and to the IP center. I'm in the library right now, on my very own computer, all logged into the uni network. Oh, secondary education is a beautiful thing.

Still no apartment. BUT I HAVE INTERNETS. WHEE!
See, the thing about Supernatural is this. I helplessly, pathetically adore this show and I love every single episode. Granted, some eps more than others, but give me a minute to think about it and I will be able to name a dozen things I love even about my least favorite. So let me say about Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things )

Tomorrow it's back to Oldenburg with a bit more of my stuff to last me until Friday. Helga's guest room is seriously nice, and she's lovely enough to put up with me for a bit longer, so the living situation problem has become slightly less urgent. It doesn't change the fact I'm antsy as hell to get my own room. *sigh* And, well, online access. I'm taking the notebook with me this time around; Helga does have a router in the house - I'll have to talk to her son about when it can be on, and how long it can stay that way, and then of course see if my wonky connection even picks up the signal properly. But even if it doesn't, I can still try in the university library with the notebook and their computers, and if that fails too, I can use Michael's computer every other day at least. So. It's not "bad" by any stretch, but it certainly means I'll have much less time than I used to for being online "just because".

And I guess this is more for my own amusement than anything else, but here's my preliminary schedule. ) They did warn us the administration is probably going to shift people around during the first week - but let's hope it stays this way, because I'm seriously very fond of this schedule. Not to mention it's the only possible way I'm gonna get all my credits in. *bites nails*

Have I always been this boring? Okay, wait, maybe don't answer that.
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Just in time for everyone to return from the con, I leave! *headdesk*

Uni orientation, yay(?). AND looking at rooms omg. Wish me luck! See y'all Thursday. ♥
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Oh, and there's a real life part as well! I know y'all are dying to hear it. *beams*

Let me start by saying the Oldenburg uni's office has some seriously AWESOME times for enrollment. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., which are AWESOME times that are NOT AT ALL difficult for the average WORKING person to keep, right? TWO THUMBS UP, OLDENBURG UNIVERSITY OFFICE. I already love you.


So, there's no way I'm finding my way there myself. The Dad says, No big deal, I'll ditch my last class of the day and you pick me up at school at 9.30. That gives us three hours until the office closes, and it won't take us longer than an hour and forty minutes tops to get there. No problem, right?

Yeah. There were THREE tailbacks. THREE. It took us three-and-a-half hours to get to Oldenburg. *headdesk* The office, of course, was closed by the time we arrived on campus. So, shit. We compromised by having lunch in the cafeteria and I got a bit of a look at the main buildings. They're beautiful and uni-like and I love them.

At three I had an appointment to look at a potential place to stay, located very close to campus, in a nice big house. What would be my room looked great - new grey carpeting, freshly-painted white walls and a wood-paneled ceiling which sounds "ew" but was actually very pretty and cozy. They had a huge number of people who wanted it - numbers 24 and 25 called while I was there - but the girl who interviewed me seemed to like me and she invited me back for next week to meet the other two people who live there. So that's a good sign, I guess! (That place was so awesome. If you guys have any luck to spare, wish some of it to me, yes?)

Another room I'd been looking at fell through, so we paid a visit to a central agency that handles room offers in the city and the receptionist lady printed us out a list. No dice with the first number I called, but the second got me another interview for Wednesday night. I breathe a little easier now.

That was my yesterday! Got home, fell into bed. I leave for orientation stuff on Sunday, will come back home Thursday, stay the weekend, and start classes on the 23rd. I'm hoping and praying that I'll quickly find a room to stay in - a room with INTERNETS. *afeared*
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Ahahaha, the joys of being an optimist who gets super anxious about stuff. *facepalm*

No, for reals. Because one half of my brain is all, "Whee, uni! I'm excited! And I'm gonna find a real nice place to live IMMEDIATELY and it's gonna be AWESOME!" while the other half goes, "No! You're being glib! You don't know the history of psychiatry will be confined to the guest room forever! No one will want to live with you! You will NOT HAVE INTERNETS FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS!"

Which leaves me, as a whole, thinking SHUT UP SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU OMG.

I want a new brain.
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Hey, I'm not sure I've really talked about uni at all this summer. Plenty about final exams, but nothing about what I'll be doing starting October 23rd. Obviously, this must be rectified. *g*

So. I'll be going to university to become a teacher! Yay! (History and English, to be exact.) As a matter of fact, I will be going to university here. My family laughs at me, because Oldenburg is where both my parents were born, grew up, and met. Oldenburg is also where I was baptized, where my dad's parents lived until their deaths and where my mom's mother still lives. I'm just keeping with family traditions, here.

The Dad and I will be going on Thursday (and he will force me to drive on the Autobahn for the first time since I got my license *shrieks*) so I can enroll. The dorms look fantastic but have insane waiting lists right now, so I'm still searching for a room. I've called three potential apartment shares so far - I have one "casting" on Thursday and two others calling me back to talk about inspections. They all sound very nice, but there's a fourth one I want SO BAD OMG - old building, hardwood floors, 11-foot-ceilings and 215 ft² all to myself. I mean. Just. I'm DROOLING. But no one's responded to my email so far, so I'm afraid the room's already taken. Bah. If all else fails I can still crash in a family friend's guest room, but that can obviously only be a temporary thing.

So, yes! That's what's going on with me right now.

I kinda wish that my grandpa were still alive, because he would have been so thrilled that one of the grandchildren is returning (at least for five years) to our family's hometown. That's just the kinda thing that would have made him insanely happy. I guess I'll just have to think of him real hard and hope that he hears, somehow. :)


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