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Okay, in terms of soccer? Tonight was... interesting, to say the least.

First of all, Ghana beat the Czech Republic 2:0? .... okay. Man. I think that match could have lasted five hours and the Czechs wouldn't have been able to find the goal. Or the ball. Or their form. (GHANA. For FUCK'S SAKE. I mean, I'm glad for them and all, they worked hard and played well, first African victory this World Cup, and so on and so forth, but, Ghana? Really?)

And then there was Italy : USA, which was, shall we say "extraordinary", on so many levels. Yes, I was completely rooting for the US by the end of it. What. I'm a sucker. Not even the pretty of the Italian squad could distract me, and man, they have a LOT of pretty. Even with the shaved heads. Though McBride took his shirt off; that was very nice of him. Hi, I'm shallow. Len quoted one of the Dutch commentators saying, "I think we can safely declare the referee the Man of the Match," which is really funny, because that is almost WORD FOR FUCKING WORD what the German commentator said. The ref was excellent. It was a nasty match in parts, so good on him for keeping his cool and keeping his line.

Who would have guessed that group would be such drama? Even though it's not very likely, I'm hoping for Italy to come in second place, because (if I got that right) it would mean they'd play Brazil in the next knock-out. FUN! (Also possibly the only scenario in which I'd actively root for Italy.)
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You know the most telltale sign that your country has some MAJOR issues with itself and its own reputation? Probably an overjoyed reporter coming in live from the middle of a happy, drunk, soccer-anticipating crowd and BEAMING as he's telling you that, HOMG!, all the Germans were really nice to our foreign guests and, YAY!, none of the visitors have tried to beat us up for being mean old nazis yet! Seriously, you guys. This entire country is FLIPPING OUT with excitement because everybody is peaceful and happy and getting along fabulously. I just don't know sometimes.

(And I have to say, dear sports commentator, "Germany has a history of beating Poland"? That might not have been the best ever choice of words. You looked so genuinely surprised when the audience did that guilty little groan-laugh, too.)

All in all, WORLD CUP YAY! The weather turned gorgeous just in time, all audiences have been a joy to hear and watch, and there were some awesome games. I might spam in some more detail later, but suffice it to say for now that I'm entirely excited and muchly looking forward to the rest of the tournament. *beams*


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