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Hokay. After a prolonged period of total bug-eyed freak-out last night over the new and not-so improved Delicious (they broke Delicious. I seriously cannot even) I think I have more or less reached a state of acceptance. I also bit the bullet and shelled out the one-time fee for Pinboard. I think it was $10.41 when I did it earlier? Something like that. So, do-able even on my budget, but the price will increase the more people sign up for it. My bookmarks imported correctly and comprehensively, I THINK; they're totally out of order, of course, but, you know. One thing at a time.

I was never a big user of the network function on Old Delicious, so I can't speak to how other services compare, but from what I can tell, the only thing that Old Delicious could do that no replacement service so far offers is the tag bundle function. However, I like that Pinboard is actively reaching out to fandom, which hopefully will mean no fuckery of the kind that Diigo is up to, like automatically making people's links private if they contain "bad words" like (brace yourselves) sex, sexy, or porn. Yeeeeah. That sounds super useful for fandom! KINK MEME MODS, ARE YOU LISTENING? People have already approached the Pinboard owner about tag bundles and he is looking at possible ways to implement them; if you want to weigh in with suggestions/comments for tag bundles or anything else, this is a Google Doc specifically set up for that purpose! I just added my two cents, and it's kind of amazing. GROUP HUG, FANDOM! We can get through this together! ♥

ETA There are a lot of useful links here as well, including a public migration spreadsheet and something that helps you find your old Delicious network.
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Mom and I have gotten started on de-cluttering the attic, as a sort of on-going birthday present to her. So far we've sorted through most of the mess of wrapping paper, recycled bows and ribbons and I'm slowly working my way through a stack of old teaching materials to see what I want to keep for myself. (Major advantage to entering your parents' profession: tons of free stuff! \o/) Last night we unearthed a big pampers box full of my old shoes, from toddler to kindergarten. Sorting through them very nearly reduced my mom to tears, presumably because of happy memories, and not because of distress over how I've turned out. (I hope.)

Also, shit, I forgot how awesome/terrible September is. SO MUCH TV! In lieu of actually learning how to operate Twitter, let me put my reactions to some of the new shows in 140 characters (or totally not) right here:

A Gifted Man Patrick Wilson is pretty! I could predict everything about the medical A-plot before it happened, but maybe that's just a consequence of too many doctor shows. I'm really curious to see how the subsequent episodes go.

Charlie's Angels Oh, dear lord. The dialogue was painful ("I never knew my heart could hurt so much!" being my personal favorite), the acting was okay, but, I'm sorry, LYLA GARRITY IS NOT A STREET-WISE CAR THIEF. And it wasn't even entertaining! I so wanted to like this show, but, no. Sigh.

The Secret Circle I'm intrigued by Nick and Melissa. ... and that's about it for now. I like the cast, generally speaking, though I can't really tell if Faye is supposed to be a total psychotic bitch or a poor little middle-class girl, or both? It doesn't help that I'm getting basically zero chemistry from Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson, especially with this show coming right after Vampire Diaries where everyone seems to have it in spades. I think I'll still keep watching, though, keeping in mind that sometimes shows take a little while to get going.

Ringer ... which goes double for this one. PLEASE, Ringer, get your act together. I want to love you! But you're going to have to ease up on the Very Serious.

The Playboy Club No.
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Why isn't EVERYONE EVER watching The Vampire Diaries? IT IS SO GOOD. ♥_______♥

TVD 3x01 - The Birthday )

In news that have nothing to do with vampires or heartbreak at ALL, I have new boots, raising my total of winter-appropriate pairs of shoes to two (2)! They are awesome and magnificent, and I kinda love them. Also, they make me want to buy and wear ALL THE TIGHTS. ♥tights♥
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Flist, a question! I'm writing a paper on AAVE* and its place in/interaction with American society and culture. Does anyone have any hot tips for things to include? Blogs, books, articles, YouTube videos? If you do, throw it my way, please and thank you! ♥

* African-American Vernacular English/"Ebonics"
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So... April 2010, huh.

Hello, lovelies! Contrary to appearances I am, in fact, both alive and in possession of internets! I am also, as of today, officially MID-TWENTIES, which still seems vaguely impossible to me on many levels, but there you go.

Photographic proof behind the cut! )

Yay for having birthdays at home during your semester break!

I finally followed through on dusting off ye olde LJ - mostly by uploading new icons, WHAT - so now I just need to keep ACTUALLY UPDATING. I have miiiiissed you guys. ♥ Here's what I'm (mostly) up to these days, fandom-wise:

- Teen Wolf (it's [ profile] robanybody's fault)
- Game of Thrones
- Doctor Who
- White Collar
- Haven
- Being Human US
- Football! The proper kind, not the NFL one.

And then, you know, other bits and bobs. COME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE LOVING RIGHT NOW?
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I decided last week to give Bones a try, since I know a bunch of people who love it and, you know, it seemed up my alley what with the crime-solving and the UST! And I AM actually loving the show (Bones! Booth! Hodgins! Angela! Sweets! Cam! Caroline! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥), so this is really not a reflection on my general enjoyment of it, but I just got done with the season three finale and is it still a spoiler if it aired in 2008? )

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I keep refreshing various official websites in a more or less desperate attempt to find out whether tomorrow will be a snow day and/or will it so through sheer power of mind. I feel like it would be justice on a personal level, since I left the house today at 7:20 foolishly thinking, If the buses are running, surely there'll be school! BREAKING NEWS: JUST BECAUSE THE BUSES ARE RUNNING DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN CLASSES WON'T BE CANCELED. Of course, I didn't realize that until AFTER a 45-minute bus ride had deposited me at my practicum school, which was dark and empty except for a few scattered teachers in the teachers lounge, where I got to hang out for the next, oh, TWO HOURS until I could take a bus back home.

Relatedly, it is COLD AS FUCK outside.

Please be a snow day tomorrow please be a snow day tomorrow please be a snow day tomorrow.

Actually, I am sort of enjoying this winter business, when I'm not arriving home with half my face and the front of my thighs frozen. I'd estimate we have about five inches of snow on the ground (where it hasn't piled up to 10+ around the curbs) which is, of course, not all that impressive compared to the SNOWPOCALYPSE I understand the American east coast is getting, but it's about as much as we ever get around these parts, not to mention the snow is covering a two-inch coat of solid ice most places. FUN FACT: city councils don't make it a point to stock large reserves of road salt OR sand in case of winter emergencies, since we NEVER GET THOSE AROUND HERE, RIGHT?

Okay, seriously, either the district school board's website crashed from all the traffic of people as anxious for news as me, or they took it offline to spite us. PLEASE GIVE US WORD, FOLKS. If I'm gonna have to get up at 6:15 after a more or less wasted school-free day, I'm gonna need some mental preparation to face that.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. We never get weather like this! PARTICULARLY we don't get weather like this for eight weeks straight, with only a few short interruptions. My poor dad spent like three hours this past weekend hacking ice off the sidewalk in front of our house.


On a completely different note, I finally listened to the advice of the Internets At Large and watched Friday Night Lights. UGH, YOU GUYS. It is just as lovely and made me cry just about as often as I was led to believe. ♥ (I have yesterday's episode, but I couldn't bring myself to watch it yet. Snipped for the vaguest of spoilers, just in case. )
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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and a happy December 24th to those who don't! I hope your day is filled with all the people and things you love. ♥

Our Christmas Eve was perfection, pretty much. We brought in the tree around noon and the usual half-hour-long ordeal of "Is it straight?"/"Just another little bit to the left"/"Is it straight?"/"Try tugging it this way..."/"IS IT STRAIGHT?" took no more than five minutes. VICTORY! The parentals decorated it and my mom and I set up the nativity scene while making inappropriate jokes about three-legged sheep and the token black king, plus marveling at the fact that, after inheriting my grandparents' set of figurines, we are now in possession of three camels. THREE. Who the fuck needs three camels in their nativity scene? Us, apparently. (I'm not even going to talk about the fact that the middle-sized camel is wearing the bell from a Lindt chocolate easter bunny around his neck. ... to mask the place where it broke off and had to be glued back on. [NOT OUR FAULT, THOUGH. IT CAME INTO OUR HOUSE THAT WAY.] We celebrate the Lord's birthday with the appropriate amount of piety around these parts.)

Possibly the highlight, though, was the new pastor who helped lead the 11 p.m. service; he'd accessorized his robe and ruffly neck thing with some shiny emo bangs and talked about the Beatles in his sermon. WE LIKE HIM. HE CAN STAY.
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You know, I was going to post and be all smug about the fact that we've had SNOW since Thursday (which is a Thing! We don't usually get ANYTHING this close to Christmas, and especially not a solid few inches! Everything looks beautiful, the weather managed to put a dopey smile on my face even while on my way to an 8 a.m. Latin class, but also the roads are slippy and treacherous, etc!) but it appears I have been UPSTAGED. Thundersnow? Really, America? You couldn't give us our thunderless three inches and let us have our moment of weather-chaos glory? EFF YOU.

(Seriously, though, if you're on the East Coast, GOOD LUCK! Be safe! Wrap yourself in lots of blankets! ♥)
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I am seriously about to fall asleep, you know, BEFORE 9 PM, which I guess I should have seen coming when I set my alarm for 6.40 this morning to babysit a (very cute) five-year-old. We had fun, though! I read her a book and she taught me a board game involving snails, one of which was somewhat inexplicably named Lady GaGa. IDK, you guys. That's kindergartners for you.

Also, my current rewatch of Band of Brothers was accompanied by the realizations that a) holy crap, 2001 means that series first aired EIGHT YEARS AGO and b) how did people my age and younger manage to get through the war even vaguely functional? Like, I'm not saying I'd be hero material even twenty years from now, but, JUST TO GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE, Eugene Roe was as old as I am now during most of the events covered in Bastogne (and when I say that, I mean give or take a couple of days) and that just seems completely insane. I mean, one the one hand, orange snails called Lady GaGa. On the other hand, death and dismemberment in sub-zero temperatures. I'm just saying.
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Aaaaah, you guys, I am only one grade for one paper away from my BA transcript (which I will eventually pick up in order to... hand it right back in so they'll let me stay in the Master program, I guess? RULES ARE CRAZY, IDK)! Hopefully it'll come in soon. I also got my thesis results today - 1.8 (on a scale from six to one) so I'm PRETTY HAPPY with that. Anyway, BLAH BLAH UNI STUFF. The Audimax on campus, which is home to mostly economics and education lectures, has been "occupied" since last Thursday as part of the ongoing student strike, and a bunch of my lectures/seminars have been canceled because of strike or sickness, which so far is mostly awesome, though not for the sick lecturers, obviously (GET BETTER SOON!).

For something that might actually be of interest to anyone but me and, like, my parents, LET'S TALK ABOUT WHAT'S ON TV! (Or not, as the case may be. Is it really hiatus time again? HIATUS TIME SUCKS.)


White Collar )

Criminal Minds )

That is not even all, oh man, there's still Merlin and Big Love spoilers (IS IT JANUARY YET?) and OH! I watched Generation Kill, but I've already been typing this entry for about a hundred years, so that's gonna have to come later. FLIST! I've missed you! Let me give you a hug. ♥
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I have SO MUCH TV TO TALK ABOUT! Supernatural! White Collar! Merlin! AND YOU SHOULD COME TALK TO ME ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS ON ANY/ALL OF THESE! Also, there is SGU. Which, well.

[ profile] maleyka: we really are trying on our end, SGU!
[ profile] maleyka: BRING US SOME FLOWERS
[ profile] maleyka: WE WILL TOTES PUT OUT
[ profile] tabbyola: ahahaha YES
[ profile] maleyka: but you can't just show up on our doorstep with some cold pizza and be like "hey, you wanna?"
[ profile] maleyka: THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS

([ profile] tabbyola: if there are two people in the world who are easy to please with pretty boys and stargate stuff, it's us!!!)


Sep. 17th, 2009 04:33 pm
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Er, I'm pretty sure I just got friended by one of those weird Russian bots. I clicked on the journal, but not anything in it. Is there anything I should do about it? Do I need to run a virus check? ADVISE ME, FLIST.
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So, after something like 21 years, we finally managed to break the microwave. There was a bang and some sizzling as my mom was putting the finished bowl of chocolate mousse into the fridge, and once she'd unplugged it and peeked inside, she diagnosed it with a burst glass pane.

(Over my insistent chanting of, "Don't open it don't open it YOU'LL GET A FACEFUL OF GLASS.")

(She did not get a faceful of glass.)

(I'm not joking about about the 21 years, by the way. There's something about my parents' house that makes appliances last a freakishly long time.)

If there's anything that's worth a dead microwave and getting whipped cream on your glasses, though, it's my mom's chocolate mousse recipe.

Mousse au Chocolat )
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... I realize there are, like, three people on my flist who'll have any idea what the fuck I'm even talking about (actually, there will be more on this tomorrow! OH, WILL THERE BE MORE ON THIS) but if you would like to see 2 minutes and 57 seconds of German soap opera JOY set to a very lovely song by The Divine Comedy that are pretty much guaranteed to make you crack a big smile even if you have zero idea who any of these people are, you should watch this totally sweet and skillful Alles Was Zählt (All That Matters) vid by [ profile] shellydkitty, because this show may be a soap opera but it has HEART, and when it's on, it's ON.

... you are forbidden to mock me.

(Okay, you are totally not, but seriously, THIS VID IS AWESOME. Click on through for the bigger version!)


Aug. 4th, 2009 04:26 pm
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Via [ profile] mrsronweasley, under the heading of Dudes Not Getting It Theatre (tm [ profile] bexone):

Page Six claims that the "gay spin" on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson — as played by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in Guy Ritchie's flick, out on Christmas Day, could "backfire." Former Post movie critic Michael Medved says: "Who is going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don't think it would be appealing to women."

... I have nothing to even add to that.
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When I glanced at my TV just now, CNN was running a banner that said, EXCLUSIVE. Geithner: Banks are not zombies.

Well. Thanks for clearing that up, then.
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Jesus, between new (old) Panic(!) and Torchwood, my flist doesn't seem to be in a good fannish place the last few days, huh. I'm so sorry, lovelies. *hugs all of you*

In that spirit, let me... add to the negativity? Erm. I already threw all of this at [ profile] adellyna just now, as I am wont to do (HOW DOES SHE STILL LOVE ME, I REALLY DON'T KNOW) but I just need to get this out. Feel free to skip, of course! On American Idol fandom and the fourth wall, a.k.a. WTF PANIC(!) AT THE DISCO, a.k.a. RYAN ROSS IS DOING WHAT? a.k.a. my luxury problems, let me show you them. )

... okay let's have something to make this post even a little bit worthwhile. HERE YOU GO:

Because if Kris fucking Allen does not make your heart melt, you might not even have one. YOU SHOULD GET THAT CHECKED OUT.
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So, last night [ profile] captnobvious IM'd me and was like OH BANDOM BIG BANG, ARE YOU CAUSING DRAMA AGAIN? and I was like, /o\.

But seriously, has it been an eventful week or what! I do so enjoy it it when folks across fandoms are able to connect with their inner assholes on a truly spectacular scale. In case you're one of the lucky, like, three people who have so far avoided Warning Wank '09: there's a very comprehensive, informative, and frankly disturbing write-up right here. ... you probably shouldn't immerse yourself too deeply in it if you don't enjoy the feeling of flames on the side of your face, though. There are also these posts by [ profile] iamtheenemy and [ profile] lcsbanana for all your "..."-ing needs.

I guess I wrongly assumed this was a bandom thing at first. I mean, it started this way (and I would just like to state for the record, through no fault of [ profile] arsenicjade's, who responded promptly, politely, and responsibly to the original issue) but then it spun out really, really fast, so... now we are where we are, I guess.

I don't make these kinds of pronouncements very often, but I've spent so much of the last few days torn between disbelief and disappointment that I kinda want to, for - posterity, or so you know where I'm at, or whatever. So, for the record, have a couple things I believe in as it relates to fandom participation and fic-writing and -reading:

1) We are not operating in a vacuum here. Whether I personally agree with it or not, fandom convention is to warn for the most commonly triggery things. If I do not post warnings with my fic, people are going to assume that it does not contain rape or dub-con, character death or self-harm, because the community standard is to warn for these things when they happen, or at the very least say, "I don't warn for anything, read at your own risk." It doesn't matter if I think that's stupid, it doesn't matter if I'm huffy because hey, nobody ever asked me if I was on board with that, because this is the community standard, and that's how those work.

2) I can post warnings behind a cut, I can post warnings in white font to be highlighted, I can post warnings in a separate post, or all three if I want. I can warn for suicide or BDSM or questionable fashion choices in any number of ways that don't carry the least bit of risk of spoiling people who don't have any triggers (or squicks) and don't care about warnings, and even less effort for myself.

3) I really feel like this should go without saying, and plenty of other people have already expressed it much more eloquently than I ever could, but here goes, anyway: squicks are not the same as triggers. I have accidentally read fic that contained character death before. I had a bit of a cry and then I went and looked at pictures of kittens and moved on with my life. People with honest-to-God triggers don't have that option. It's not about being uncomfortable or even being disturbed, it's about panic attacks and flashbacks, and frankly, you guys, my artistic integrity (or "artistic integrity", I mean, let's not forget I mainly deal in oblivious boys and ugly Christmas sweaters, here) just isn't as important, and if you feel different about yourself and yours, then I reserve the right to think you're a bad person.

[ profile] wurwilf made the excellent point that maybe some people get defensive about these things because they feel attacked when someone comments to tell them they're triggered or squicked by something in their fic. For the record, I am squicked by a great many things, but that doesn't mean I think people shouldn't write them! Rock on with your Bert McCracken/Ryan Ross dub-con watersports fic, dudes, just please put some warnings or something in the header so I know to skip that one and don't end up desperately scrolling through Cute Overload for the rest of the night, okay?

And, just to close this out on a good note, the last week hasn't all been bad, because for every person I saw being horrid, there were three or four or five who stood up and said, What the fuck, this is not okay, and my flist has been a solid wall of OH HECK NO. ♥ you guys.


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